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I would need help in translating marketpress into german. i already got myself poedit and had a look at the default.po file.

My questions:
1) Is there a existing german file i can use?
2) If not, how do i start producing one? i need step by step guidance with this.
3) how to tell marketpress to use the newly generated german file?

Thanks a lot for your help -
i am really totally new to this topic.



    You may find the following link helpful :)

    If you look into the MarketPress plugin files, specifically Markepress>Marketpress-includes>languages you will find a default PO file for your use.

    Please let me know if you have any questions!



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    Thanks Kimberly.

    i think i simply need help with poedit.

    i opened the default po

    edited some translations

    then pressed "safe as" (will be safed as .po)

    the following error occured:
    message came up, which said "Internationalized message should not contain
    \r escape sequence"

    somebody knows what to do here?

    PS: i made already a setting in poedit saying that files should be automatically also be safed as .mo (guess thats necessary, correct?)

    PPS. i guess as soon as i correctly set up and safed my po and mo file, i just ftp upload it to my plugin marketpress languages folder. But how will WordPress now to use this file?

    Thanks again for your support!


    Are you able to save despite the error? Some items I read say that this is just a warning and you should ignore.

    You will need both .mo and .po files, yes

    Here is a great guide:

    It should answer your remaining questions

    You will upload to your wp-includes/languages folder. Are you running your entire site in German?

    You will need to also define your site language in the wp-config

    Using Localizations

    In order to localize your installation of wordpress, create a directory named languages inside of wp-includes, if it does not already exist. Then grab the appropriate localization files from the Subversion Repository as described above. The main .mo file and the continent .mo file for the language should go inside the languages directory. Set WPLANG inside of wp-config.php to your chosen language. For example, if you wanted to use french, you would have:

    define ('WPLANG', 'fr_FR');
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    one more question please:

    my url is:

    FYI: i only want to sell downloadable products, which wil be send via E-mail.

    i have some main problems with the login. basically i dont understand the whole procedure :)

    now the user only has to only give his E-mail Adress. How do i add fields for "Name", Adress etc.?

    Hoping for help,


    Hello Birgit

    If you select a site of downloadable items the plugin will not ask for Shipping Info as it's considered to be not needed.

    If you want to work around this you can always select a shipping module, like Flat Rate, and then enter no actual charges. It will then ask for the Shipping Information.



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