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Hi Again
Ok with the marketpress i need to add an image gallery to my product descriptions, so i am using wordpress gallery which adds a nice slider to the top of the products description. if i only use this, marketpress doesnt display a thumb image on the product listings, but if i add a featured image it does, but it also adds 2 images just above the gallery on the product listing. is there anyway to stop this happening?
many thanks

<img src="" border="0" alt=" photo 2013-02-19_130741_zps1ace8cf4.png"/>


    Hiya @waynerp

    In MarketPress settings, under the "Presentation" tab, try unchecking "Show Product Image" in the "Single Product Settings".


    Hi again @waynerp

    is there anyway to disable it in the product description so it does not show?

    That's exactly what that setting does. It enables/disables the featured image on single product pages. The additional thumbnail is being generated by something else.

    The most likely source is your theme. What theme are you using?

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    I'm using a theme purchased from template monster.
    ill ask them see if they have any ideas.
    Many thanks


    Hi again @waynerp

    Please let us know how you get on with this, and if you find a solution.

    Thanks! :)


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