Marketpress remove test orders

Hi, I created some test orders on Marketpress and now I want to delete the transactions. How do I do this? (I'm using the site as a new blog template and every subsequent site sign up sees the test orders).
Product>Manage Orders only gives these option



    Hi sdominique,

    I don't see another way of doing that except maybe by searching the database for the relevant Order IDs and deleting the them and the references to them. But I'm not sure what kinds of implications that might have, so let me ask one of the developers for insight on this.


    You'll have to delete the rows from your posts table for the post type "mp_orders".
    DELETE FROM wp_posts WHERE post_type = 'mp_order'

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    could we get this into the system?

    The last three stores i have setup have all asked for this as a function... ?
    Hacking through a database of 30 sites makes me nervous...

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