mass email sender sends to empty recepients?

I sent out an email with a link to a poll to all members and checked the result in a plugin called email log that logs all emails going through a wordpress installation. the screen shot is attached. every 3rd or so recipient is empty? I am not sure what happened here...


    Hiya Ovidiu,

    Things may be a bit slower round here this weekend as it's a holiday. I'll try to look into this, but I don't have a good test environment for this one. I'll notify the developer as well and see if we can't get ya answer shortly :D


    thx. no rush, no emergencies here but expect me to bump a few posts in about a week or so :-)


    I wonder if it's trying to send an email to a user who's been marked as a spammer?

    It saves the information to a table $wpdb->prefix . "email_log". Are those records blank as well?


    yes they are. what does that tell me now?


    I was wondering if it was an issue with getting data from the database to the output. We now know that the problem is with saving the data.


    the question as I see it is: is this an issue with the email_log plugin or with the mass mail plugin?

    Next question: did my mail arrive at the recipients? Its the first I ever wrote to all containing my brand-spanking-new poll, WPMUDEV style done with google forms :-(


    Next question: did my mail arrive at the recipients?

    Did you find an answer to this? You didn't happen to send one to yourself did ya? (I always do this as a way of testing... just cause it never fails that I'll send something out with an error in it and notice it AFTER it's sent)

    Anyway, just wondered if you'd come to any further conclusion. Thanks! :D


    well, since its the mass email sending plugin the mail went out to ALL users of the system :-)

    And yes, I received the email but then my email address was visible in the screen shot I attached above. I am more worried about those mails where the recipient were blank :-(


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