Menu Location?

I've successfully re-ordered my admin menu using the function below, but for some reason my custom support system menu (added by the support system plugin) is refusing to move. It is still appearing above the Appearance menu instead of below it. I would like it on the very end under Appearance (widgets.php) menu. I have copied the link to the support system page correctly the way I was told to do so to add it to this function. Here is what I'm using atm:

function custom_menu_order($menu_ord) {
       if (!$menu_ord) return true;
       return array(
        'index.php', // DASHBOARD
        'edit.php', // POSTS
        'edit.php?post_type=page', // PAGE
        'edit-comments.php', // COMMENTS
        'edit.php?post_type=wpfc_sermon', // SERMONS
        'upload.php', // MEDIA
        'link-manager.php', // LINKS
        'profile.php', // PROFILE
        'widgets.php', // APPEARANCE
        'admin.php?page=incsub_support', // DF SUPPORT
   add_filter('custom_menu_order', 'custom_menu_order');
   add_filter('menu_order', 'custom_menu_order');

    Not sure what I did, but it looks like I got what I wanted. I can't even see how i fixed it though. Strange.


    Is there some kind of rule or extra code to use for this because some menus seem to want to follow their own order and I don't seem to have full control.
    Also, how can I control where the admin menu separators (little separator indent lines) go?
    Thanks for any help on this.


    Hi coreymj78,

    It's great you're actually doing that through custom code, as it's much easier to know how your resources are being used that way. But have you tried the Admin Menu Editor?

    I believe that might just answer your further questions as well.



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