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I've just seen in another post that the plugin by default doesn't moderate the main blog... i just signed to buy this plugin because it is the main blog I want moderated (well part of it any way, was hoping there would be a way to hide the links on certain categories or authors).

Is there a way to override this??



    Do you want to moderate main blog posts + comments only?Am I right?

    Please confirm.


    Hi Kate again,

    Can you try this.Moderation.php line 427-451

    //---Output Functions-----------------------------------------------------//
    function moderation_report_post($content){
    	global $post, $wpdb;
    	if ( !is_admin()  && !is_search() ) {
    		$link = moderation_report_link('post', $post->ID);
    	return $content . $link;
    function moderation_report_comment($content){
    	global $comment, $wpdb;
    	if ( !is_admin()  ) {
    		$link = moderation_report_link('comment', $comment->comment_ID);
    	return $content . $link;
    function moderation_report_blog(){
    	global $wpdb;
    	if ( !is_admin() ) {
    		echo moderation_report_link('blog', $wpdb->blogid);
    Philip John


    Yep, that's right as this plugin is intended for moderating sub-sites across your network more easily than going into each site admin dashbaord.


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