Moderation Warning - What is this?


I am using Moderation plugin but haven't understood what does this tab in menu do "Moderation Warning"


    Hiya kshengelia,

    This are should allow you to define custom warnings to use on the site. The page doesn't appear to be completely loading, however, so I'm going to ask the developer to take a look.

    Thanks for letting us know!


    Hello masonjames,

    OK, I thought it was my mistake.

    - When I open that page, there is only one button "Accept" and when I click on that, it returns me to main page.




    I asked before

    look at the line 424-445

    For example for comment

    function moderation_report_comment($content){
    	global $comment, $wpdb;
    	if ( !WP_ADMIN && $wpdb->blogid != BLOG_ID_CURRENT_SITE ) {
    		$link = moderation_report_link('comment', $comment->comment_ID);
    	return $content . $link;

    remove !WP_ADMIN && and you can see Its work.


    James Farmer
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    Brilliant, thanks Mustafa, points sent your way!


    Thanks Mustafa!

    Should we just update this ourselves or will a patch be coming out soon?


    Hi Kruzen,

    You should update themselves.
    But I hope,this issue will fix next release.

    @James thanks for points

    Cheers :)


    We'll have a fix incorporated in the released version soon. Apologies for the delay as the developer has been working on a bit of a 'crisis' situation on a separate project. He'll be back soon though!

    My thanks to Mustafa as well :)

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