multisite registration supplication


One more supplication about thinking on something with that registration process on multisite / Buddypress.

this is just unthinkable that core developpers dont think about this.

Please please please we need that per site registration / moderation that would register on main site AND specific site, with possibility for admins to validate the registration on their site.

Just one case : when there is a forum on a specific site.

this is just a mess (I am in battle with bbpress at this time). How any user can register and post on THIS site ? Well, he is redirected on the main site directly this is totally confusing AND user non friendly !

And the case "user already registered on network" should also be considered, and the registration widget should allow the possibility.

Seems that raccoon are not a motivation to mix the mp blog registration and the multisite add user plugins....

Shall we directly go on vodka distillery ? Cocoa plantation ?????

thanks :)


    Hi Aphrodite,

    Good point of course, thanks for your thoughts on this! And yep, that would be nice to see.

    Ultimate Facebook seems to do a good job of providing per-site registrations when setup with the Facebook registration/login process. This may help in some case, though not all of course.

    I'll mention this to some of the other guys too, in case they know more if anything's being done with this.



    Well there is a way out of that mess, turning around and perhaps simplificating the problem : having a very simplified version of Membership, to create "private zone" on registration wich is a perpetual need.

    The user is NOT network registered, nore site registered, but this plugin could just manage acces to ::
    - categories
    - specific posts/page and custom posts type

    More simple since access restriction will be automatical and not to setup with shortcodes manually.

    using even light membership is too complicated to setup for such a simple thing.

    In fact there is the "private acces manager" working that way, but it registers the user on the network AND the concerned site but it is still confusing since user is redirected on main site. this is not an option.

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    What is the work around? Besides facebook plugin?

    Any new ideas to date?

    Tevya Washburn
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    So it looks like the Uservoice account is dead. I'd thought that this had been marked as "accepted" or whatever, indicating it would be made an official plugin. However with the WPMU Dev Uservoice account dead, I can't confirm that, and so far no plugin....

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