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Just Getting Started

Hello everyone,

I have renewed my Membership here after short pause and I am very happy about that :)

I have some questions here, I could open topics for each one but I think it would just mess up forum and it would be pretty hard to control replies I think (still - I will do that if it's required).

I will list here questions and not only - I need your suggestions to make some decisions, which are really important for starting my project.


Plugin-related questions:

1) I have found SeoPress Pro on WPPlugins and it looks quite solid and attractive, it is also compatible to WP Multisite. Could you please help me make choice between WPMU DEV SEO and SeoPress Pro? Have to say, that WPMU DEV SEO isn't only reason for me to have your membership package purchased, so feel free to be objective while rating these plugins. Which is better and why?

2) I believe you have heard about plugin BackupBuddy, it is also compatible to WP Multisite. Can you tell me (according to your experience) how good it is, is it worth to buy and install it on my Multisite or not and why?

3) Maybe I should ask this question on forums, but I prefer to ask you if it isn't problem - You know about well-known VideoPress service from Automattic. I think you also know that it is available to download it as a PLUGIN in WP Plugins directory. It needs an API key to work (for example, I should have account with VideoPress upgrade to use this API on my self-hosted blog). Is it compatible to MultiSite? For example, can I allow my users to use my API key?

4) Akismet solution for WP MS - All I need is Akismet to be automatically activated on new blogs/sites. I think I should purchase Enterprise package of Akismet (50$/Month & 550$/Year) which supports unlimited blogs. But how can I configure settings so that new blogs have Akismet automatically installed?

5) Global Site Tags plugin - I have installed it few weeks ago and I have one problem here - tags are shown, but when I hover it with cursor, it doesn't show any numbers (it shows "related post(s)", it should show - "2 related post(s)" for example).

6) I will add this question to related topic today, but as I am listing all my questions here, I will ask it here too - As I know, Membership plugin isn't working with Pro Sites (Beta) yet, is it planned to make them working together in full version of Pro Sites (I think it is, but just making myself sure)?

7) Admin Help Content - This is nice plugin, but can I (if I can't, take it as my suggestion please, as it's really useful) create different help contents for separate pages, like WordPress has? (When you are on Add New Post page, it shows tips for adding new post, when you are on comments page, it shows how to edit, delete, etc. comments and so on).

8) I am going to add custom gateway to MarketPress, but I will open a detailed topic in related place (I have some questions here).

9) MarketPress - Is this problem resolved in current version? To say truth, I don't think that it's problem, moreover - I need that kind of functionality on my network in order to control every order made on my sub-sites (shops).

10) MarketPress - I would be very happy to learn how to integrate MarketPress (basic rules) with different themes. I will open detailed thread about that too.

11) AntiSplog - will 1 membership account work for 3 Multisites? (I am going to run 3 Multisites in nearest future and will my membership be enough for those three?).

12) MarketPress - I need custom currency, custom gateway I will open a detailed topic about that.

13) Chat plugin - This amazing plugin doesn't have UTF-8 support. I am trying to write in Georgian and it shows one cubic or "?".


Basic questions, related to my project and it's needs:

1) I know you are running second largest multisite ( and that's why I am interested with your suggestions. I would like to restrict SOMEHOW registering all nice domains without using them (for example some users can register all good domains and then sell them, or just not use them). I can add a paragraph in TOS that selling is prohibited, but what about using? For example, "If you don't use your newly-created domain for a month, it will be available for everyone and you won't be able to re-register it in next 6 months or something. So I would like to have suggestions from your huge experience.

2) SSL certificating - As I have said above, I am going to run 3 (Maybe more in future) WP Multisites and I am going to secure each of them with SSL wildcard certificates.

I have basic questions here - what should I take into account about SSL certificating, what should I be aware of and etc.

3) Domain Mapping and SSL certificates. - I have read some topics here and developer of Domain Mapping plugin have said that Domain Mapping doesn't support SSL certificate. At first, I was bit disappointed about that, then I remind that blogs were secured with SSL, so I have found one "domain-attached" blog and went to it's "/wp-login.php" and it redirected to what I thought - subdomain/wp-login.php. So I think there should be no problem for us too. What do you think?

4) SSL Certificates - Which wildcard should I choose? For example, is it OK to choose "True BusinessID Wildcard"?

5) Is 133 Theme Pack updated after discovering TimThumb vulnerability? (And your other themes?)

6) I am going to hire as my security developer (I am not advertising it). It is really important for me what you think about this site & group? Have you heard about them before?

7) Is it OK (I think it is, just making sure) to run some stand-alone sites and some Networks on same server?

I think that's all for now. If I continue asking more questions you might block me :D :)

I am happy to re-join your community again,

Thank you,