Out of stock triggers when only one of the variations is sold out but others are still available

If a product with variations goes out of stock on a single variation when that variation is added to cart, the "out of stock" warning text shows but the customer needs to refresh the page to see that other variations are still available. The "out of stock" warning text should show and disappear like the "item(s) added to cart" text.

Any ideas on how this can be fixed?




    Hey there.

    Yeah I'm getting this as well.

    I could certainly see the reason why it should show the other items. Customers may well wish to purchase different variations.

    Thanks for letting us know, I'll bring this to the attention of the developer.


    Hi KP,

    I think this might actually have to do with the version you're working with. Any chance you could update to WordPress 3.3 and MarketPress 2.4?

    I've tried it out on a test site with those latest versions and the issue seems to be sorted there.



    Tim's just clarified the issue for me and I see what's in view now. When a variation is added there's not a way to add more without a page refresh.

    Tim's flagged the developer on this so he can have a look.



    Ok, i'll add it to my list.


    Look for a fix in 2.4.1 soon.

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    Wow! This place is smokin' hot when it comes to support!
    Thanks for the prompt replies.

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