Pasting Ad code as a non-super admin

I am not sure if this is a new thing but pasting in AdSense code does not appear to be working for non-super administrator.

Super administrator it works fine as with a text box. But regular administrators it doesn't seem to work.
Any thoughs?
I am on 3.0.5

    Philip John

    Hi Jozwikjp!

    I believe this may be to do with the difference in Super Admin and Blog Admin.

    Try upgrading to 3.1 - I have a feeling the way permissions are dished out has changed in 3.1 to work a bit better.



    It's looking for the "unfiltered_html" capability to allow code in the widget that kses doesn't remove. There is an unfiltered_html plugin available on i think (can't find link at the mo) that adds this capability - or you could use the role manager plugin to add that capability to the user account you want to

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    Thanks, I will check it out.
    I did some further research on the issue and it was a eye opener.
    On the security implications of allowing users to insert their own JavaScript in relation to session cookie hijacking. Sounds kinda scary.

    I may try the unfiltered html plugin on a per user basis.

    Thank you.


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