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I know I'm asking this question a bit late, but is there a reason why the PayPal Express Checkout execution flow has been implemented without the confirmation step (step 5 on this diagram) like expected by PayPal? Isn't it missing?

I don't guess this step is made mandatory by PayPal (eventhough it would be worth asking them) but it's definitely missing in the user's buying experience. Actually, the PayPal "Review your information" page says:
- "You'll be able to see your order details before you pay" in the left "Your order summary" section
- "You will confirm your payment on [store name]" just below the "Agree and continue" return button
Like presently implemented, both these statements are just wrong! Might they not be deemed even abusive?

Wouldn't it be a good idea to add this missing step in order to avoid any possible unnecessary dispute?



    I guess it's a matter of your prefference. There isn't any requirement from PayPal, other than that the user is clear on exactly what the charges will be. This method is copied directly from our experience from this site's checkout process. We consider the exact payment details that are shown on the PayPal page the confirmation step. We havn't had any complaints about that not being enough and needing to insert another step there beyond the 2 on the paypal site (login and agree).

    Note that when it comes to CC checkouts with Pro we added an additional confirmation step to DEV signup, and I plan to add it to Pro Sites soon as that's a very good idea.

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    Does that mean you plan to add it to Pro-Sites with Express Checkout as well? That actually would be a very good idea.


    Probably, would'nt be much more work.


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