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I see this plugin works for sitewide chat, but is there a way to use it as a private chat for Buddypress users. There is a plugin that attempts to solve this called Buddypress-Ajax-Chat, but it seems to be no longer supported. I'd like my users to be able to chat with each other privately.


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    Hi Greg,

    Private chats aren't currently possible. You could perhaps create or allow users to create pages and include distinct chats in those pages, though these chats would be accessible to anyone who knows the url or can access the page (you could also potentially password protect the page).

    There are some more extensive features planned for the chat plugin in the future, there's just not a private chat feature at this point.


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    This ticket has been marked resolved that David has answered on no that it is currently not available and as SteveDB has so kindly offered an alternative to offer this feature.

    Cheers, Joe


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