[Request] Merging the Ad Sharing plugin with Supporter Advertising = More flexibility

I've seen that the Ad sharing plugin has been updated and that it now offers the possibility to filter ads code (HTML and Google Adsense only). This is good!:-)

However I have also realized that it won't fit my needs...

What I would like to have is:

Free members will be given this option: ad sharing 75% (me) / 25% (free member)
Supporter members will be given this option: ad sharing 25% (me) / 75% (supporter member) (actually they would also have the option to remove ads)

Unfortunately this is not possible because the Ad sharing plugin has no integration with Supporter. You have another plugin called Supporter advertising that is integrated with Supporter but he doesn't offer the option to split advertising revenues. So why don't you merge these two plugins together? They look very similar and this would offer much more flexibility to the network administrator.



    Hi Laurent,

    That's a good idea. There's a lot going on with the update of Supporter and if it's going to be multi-level, there will be more to take into account with Ad Sharing integration.

    For now, if you're interested in taking a stab at the coding yourself, you could take a look at line 210 of ad-sharing.php where you'll see the general logic behind the ad sharing and from there you could perhaps use is_supporter() to adjust it as you like.

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    Thank you very much for your answer and useful advice!

    Dark Scream

    I came to the forums to say pretty much the same thing, though I would like to have it so that supporters receive 100% of advertising revenue, or they can just not show any ads.


    mmm discovered this thread...

    Adding a +1 on it :)

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    Thats a very good idea.I was also looking for the same functionality. It is much better to be able to offer to a supporter the possibility to earn from his own ad, than only be able to remove the ad.

    Any progress on this?

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    I agree with Joe and Giorgos.


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    Could it be possible to assign differente percentajes to different users? (I don´t use Supporter)

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    +1 from me, too. Any progress on this?

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    Any news on this request ?

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    No chance to have this feature ?


    Nope, there is still no news on this request. Please everyone just keep adding your +1s :-)



    +1 from me on this just posted a question related to this I thought they were integrated spent the last hour trying to find out how to turn on and off the premium sites to make sure the settings were correct then found this and Wish it could be done.

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