[Request] Merging the Ad Sharing plugin with Supporter Advertising = More flexibility

Lorange Elite
Gunning for gold!

I've seen that the Ad sharing plugin has been updated and that it now offers the possibility to filter ads code (HTML and Google Adsense only). This is good!:-)

However I have also realized that it won't fit my needs...

What I would like to have is:

Free members will be given this option: ad sharing 75% (me) / 25% (free member)
Supporter members will be given this option: ad sharing 25% (me) / 75% (supporter member) (actually they would also have the option to remove ads)

Unfortunately this is not possible because the Ad sharing plugin has no integration with Supporter. You have another plugin called Supporter advertising that is integrated with Supporter but he doesn't offer the option to split advertising revenues. So why don't you merge these two plugins together? They look very similar and this would offer much more flexibility to the network administrator.