Search Store Orders by Name Bug

There's a handy search feature inside marketpress that allows us to search for orders by product.

However, when I attempt to search for orders by customer name or email address, then it never works regardless of how many matches it should have.

We get support tickets, phone calls, and emails all the time regarding orders and they don't always have their order ID handy. It's tough to try to figure out when they ordered, what they ordered, etc... just to find that particular customer because you can't look them up by name or email address.

Any ideas on getting this working?


    Hi Tony,

    I don't believe that's a bug, I think the search simply isn't built to search through the name or similar fields (email, address, etc) at this point.

    I'll run this by the developer to be sure.



    I should be able to implement that real quick for new orders. Basically all I do is serialize the cart contents and save in the text field of the custom post type. I can serialize the shipping info in there too.

    Thanks for the suggestion!


    Thanks Aaron. Any ETA?


    I guess this is resolved now! :)


    Hiya Tony,

    Glad that worked for you and thanks for your suggestion. Sending a couple points your way for it, myself! :)



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