Show thumb image in the preview container

The plugin is perfect. But I think there's one feature should be improved.
When the images are uploaded successfully, the preview images will be shown in the bpfb_preview_container div. But I found all the preview images are in original format, not thumbs. I also check the server side and make sure that there's no thumb file generated in the BPFB temporary folder. It means user browser will open many original sized images which costs lots of memories. In fact, The speed of browsers is very slow when the preview images are shown.
My recommendations are that:
First, when the images are uploaded, generate thumb for every image in the temporary folder and show them in the preview container.
Second, when the images are published, move both original and thumb images to BPFB folder on the server.
Besides, I also think medium sized thumb images are also needed for users because there are more and more mobile browsing. It means original images are too slow and expensive to be downloaded by the mobiles.
I have so many ideas on the improvement of the plugin. In China, twitter like websites have added so many features which are totally different from But people love them very much.
Anyway, the plugin is really great. It should be easy to add more addons to support more types of activities. Keep improving it is great help for all users.
Thanks a lot.



    I'm really sorry, I somehow managed to miss this. This is actually already there - for small images, no resizing will take place to save some system resources. Larger images will be resized, according to these rules:

    - If the BPFB_THUMBNAIL_IMAGE_SIZE define is set (e.g. define('BPFB_THUMBNAIL_IMAGE_SIZE', '150x150', true); ), this is the size that will be used as thumbnail dimensions

    - Else, WordPress Media thumbnail sizes will be used as thumbnail dimensions. If even these aren't set for some reason, we'll use 100x100px

    - If the image is larger then thumbnail dimensions, it'll be resized to fit this.

    I hope this helps.


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