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I'm setting up a site to enable registered users to download certain premium content.

Those users should signup in the site to be able to access and download that content, but in order to signup, they should fill the normal user/email and provide other information such as company, job title, city or even phone number.

How can I add those mandatory fields in the signup form, be able to manage that information (CSV download?) but only ask those users for their user/pass or /email/pass on their signin process?

Also: will those users be able to delete themselves from the service if they're no more interested?


    Hiya @javipas

    It sounds like what you want is BuddyPress with only a few of the optional components enabled.

    Basically, you would only need to enable the first two components to achieve what you want: "Extended Profiles" and "Account Settings" (see screenshot).

    To export user meta to csv, I can think of 2 plugins to get that done for you:
    Freebie: Export Users to CSV
    Premium: User Meta Pro (I have it and love it!)

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    Thanks for your suggestion, but I'd prefer not to mess with BuddyPress, which IMHO is suitable to community purposes, and not to this kind of "extended membership" features I'd want to.

    In fact, the WPMUDev Membership plugin seems interesting, but I've got to resolve also the extra fields in the login form, that MUST be filled in the signup process, and they're mandatory.

    The CSV export plugins seem interesting though, thank you for that Patrick. Let's see if someone at the WPMUDev community has other experiences and hints...


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