Theme Options not available in 3.2.1 Multisite install

The problem I am experiencing is not only related to the Studio theme but also other themes such as product. I have a WP Multisite install (3.2.1), have network enabled the theme so its accessible for me to make changes, however I cannot access the theme options in these themes. Clicking on the links does not take me anywhere

Any suggestions?

PS. I have tried this in multiple browsers, same result.


    Hiya lttcdnis,

    This sounds like a javascript issue to me. Do you have any plugins activated? Can you try deactivating all plugins and see if the links begin working?

    We'll help ya get it sorted with a bit more info.


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    Thanks for your reply.

    It was indeed a plugin that was causing the conflict - Blubrry Powerpress. Network disabled it for the time being.


    Ahh, yep. That'll do it. You may try sending the plugin developer a little note asking them to be a bit more restrictive on when they load their js. It really shouldn't be loaded on any page except where absolutely needed.



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