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Hello, i'd like to translate moderation plugin but I dont now what's the name of .po and .mo file...
I have a moderation.pot in the archive, but it doesn't seems to be the good name of translated files.
Can you help me ?

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    the default translation name is pluginname-language_NATION.po and .mo

    in this case moderation-language_NATION.po & moderation-language_NATION.mo

    for example, i'm Italian so i need moderation-it_IT.po & moderation-it_IT.mo
    in french moderation-fr_FR.po & moderation-fr_FR.mo

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    Ok thanks for this information, I tried this but it doesn't translate anything. :(

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    Ok, ok. it was a cache problem with my browser. Thanks for your help, it works now.


    @puccino, glad that's sorted for ya! And welcome to WPMU DEV, the place with the most awesomest members on the planet! :)

    @terniblog, many thanks for helping out there. I gave ya a few rep points for your assistance! :)