Unable to copy text of password on ipad


Upon new user creation, users are unable to select and copy text of password on an ipad.

This is not a massive issue but renders it necessary to get a pen which sort of defeats the ease of use principle.

Any idea why or how to fix.


    Philip John


    I'm afraid this theme isn't optimised for mobile devices at this time.

    You'd need to look into using a child theme to tweak the output for compatibility I'm afraid.



    Hi, Phil,

    Can this be passed on to the feature request forum?

    Is grid market mobile ready?

    Thanks as always.



    First up this is a responsive theme so is intended for mobile devices and any device (thats the point of responsive) sorry you were incorrectly informed on that. But, password fields should never be able to be copied that's the point. You can paste into them (and you can with this theme) but you can't copy from one to the other.

    As for feature request - it wouldn't get added as simply not something password fields have. I assume though you mean copy the text 'in' the password which is what I'm saying no it shouldn't and won't to :)

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