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I'm testing WPMU Dev themes on a new offline intall (instant Word Press) and I'm having the following issue: most of the widget cannot be dragged and dropped to my sidebar. I have this problem with the Nelo theme but also with other themes. I have installed the Q&A plugin but I do not think it comes from it since I tried to desctivate it.

Can someone advice?



    Hi tuto-expert,

    Not sure about that, I've got the theme on a test site and can't seem to replicate the issue? Is it with any and all widgets that you can't drag and drop them in place?

    Most importantly, do you have other plugins activated? If so, could you try deactivating them to see if there's a conflict?



    i can confirm widget can not be draged with IE 9 but firefox is fine.

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    Instant Wordpress automaticaly lauch wp in IE9 and the problem seems to comes from the compatibility with this browser. It works perfectly with Chrome.

    Thanks erikjohansson! Thanks David!

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