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The BuddyPress Manual

Welcome to the most comprehensive, easy to use manual to installing and using a BuddyPress network on the web!

Getting Started with BuddyPress

1. What is BuddyPress?
2. How BuddyPress Works
3. Using a FTP Client to install BuddyPress
4. Activating your default BuddyPress theme
5. Letting people register
—(i) on a BuddyPress / WordPress multisite network
—(ii) on a BuddyPress / WordPress (single install)

Working With BuddyPress’s Social Features

1. About The BuddyPress Admin Bar
2. Working with Extended Profile
3. Sending Private Messages
4. Making Friends
5. About Activity Streams
6.  BuddyPress Forums
—(i)  Working with Forums
—(ii)  Installing BuddyPress Forums
7.  BuddyPress Groups
—(i)  About Groups and user roles
—(ii) How to Create a Group
—(iii)  Working with a Group
8.  All about Blog Tracking
9.  Configuring the General Settings of your BuddyPress Community
10. Enabling and Disabling BuddyPress Social Features

Working With BuddyPress Themes

1. About BuddyPress Themes
2. Overview of BuddyPress Widgets
3. Adding Widgets To Your BuddyPress Front page
4. Installing WMPU DEV BuddyPress Themes
5.  Enabling your new BuddyPress theme for your main blog only
6.  Activating your new WPMU DEV BuddyPress theme
7.  Overview of WPMU DEV  BuddyPress themes
8.  What are Parent and Child Themes?

Working with Regular Plugins

1.  Using regular plugins on BuddyPress
2.  Installing regular plugins on BuddyPress
3.  Enabling Plugin access Site Wide
4.  Activating and Deactivating Plugins

Working with mu-plugins

1.   Premium plugins compatible with BuddyPress
2.  Installing mu-plugins
3.  Running a SQL code on your WPMU database

Working with the Blogging Aspects of BuddyPress

This BuddyPress Manual focuses on installing and working with BuddyPress.  For Site Admin user aspects of managing a WordPress MU/BuddyPress or how to blog using WordPress please refer to:

1.  Working in Site Admin Options section of  The WPMU Manual
2.  Getting Started with Your Blog from Edublogs Help and Support site


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