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The WordPress and WordPress Multisite Manual

Welcome to the most comprehensive and easy to use manual for installing WordPress and WordPress Multisite on the web!

  • This series of articles introduces you to how to host and install both WordPress and WordPress Multisite including uploading themes, languages, plugins and mu-plugins.
  • Each section comes with illustrative screenshots and explanations.
  • Please note that this manual is designed to be read step-by-by step in its entirety.

Getting Started

1.  What is the Difference between WordPress, WordPress MU and WordPress Multisite?
2.  Organizing Your Domain Name
3.  Arranging Your Web Hosting
4. Setting up a MySQL Database and User for your WordPress or WordPress Multisite Install

Installing WordPress and WordPress Multisite

1. Creating and Editing Your wp-config.php File
2. Using a FTP Client to Install WordPress
3. Creating a Network by Enabling WordPress Multisite

Installing Themes
1. Site Themes Options
2. Installing New Themes
3. Changing which Themes are Available Network Wide
4. Changing which Themes are Available on a Per Site Basis

Installing Languages

1. Installing Languages
2. Language Options
3. Changing the Language Across the Entire Network
4. Changing Language on a Per Site Basis

Installing Plugins

1. Introduction to Using Plugins on WordPress and WordPress Multisite
2. Installing Regular Plugins on WordPress and WordPress Multisite – (video  tutorial)
3. Running SQL Code on Your WordPress Database
4. Enabling Access to Plugins Menu Network Wide
5. Activating and Deactivating Plugins on a Per Site Basis
6. Network Enabling Regular Plugins
7. Installing Mu-Plugins – (video tutorial)
8. WPMU DEV Plugins Separated into Categories to Help Make Selecting Your Next Plugin Easier

Setting up Email
1. Setting up your Support Email Account in cPanel

Working as a Super Admin User

1. Introduction to the Super Admin User and Other User Roles
2. Optimizing your Network Options
3. Creating Sites using Your Sign-up Page
4. Creating Sites Using Sites > Add New in the Network Admin Dashboard
5. Working with Sites in the Network Admin Dashboard
6.  Creating Usernames Using Your Signup page
7.  Creating and Adding Users to a Site Using Add New
8.  Creating Usernames using Users > Add New in the Network Admin Dashboard
9.  Working with Users in the Network Admin Dashboard
10. Working with Users in the Site Admin Dashboard

Installing bbPress
1. Integrating bbPress as a Site Wide Forum -Setting up MySQL Database and User for your bbPress Install
2. Installing bbPress
3. bbPress Themes Options

Other WordPress aspects to consider
1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for WPMU
2. Making Money with WordPress MultiUser


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