WordPress SEO Plugins

If you’re looking to push your site up the Google rankings, we’ve got the plugins for that. Let us give you complete SEO configuration of your site, social marketing and more, and advice and help in the WPMU DEV community.

Infinite SEO

The best premium SEO plugin available on the web, watch your stats skyrocket with the power of WPMU DEV.

Ultimate Branding

Completely remove or change WordPress branding on both the front and back end of your site or network–with one plugin.

Ultimate Facebook

The ultimate plugin for integrating advanced social sharing features into your WordPress site.

Pay with a Like

Go viral by ‘charging’ for any of your content using Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or LinkedIn.

The Google+ Plugin

The ultimate plugin for integrating Google’s social sharing features into your WordPress site.

Floating Social

Add a social sharing bar to your site that follows users as they scroll, allowing them to share your content to friends and followers.

Social Marketing

Build buzz around your product or service with social marketing for easy sharing to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and more.

Simple Sitemaps for Multisite

Easily generate sitemaps for your Multisite network each time a user publishes a new post.

Pay Per View

Sell digital content for one-off or subscription payments using PayPal and credit cards.


Turn any WordPress site into a fully functional, easy to use, wiki. You can even create multiple wikis on one site.


Q&A allows any WordPress site to have a fully featured questions and answers section – just like StackOverflow, Yahoo Answers and Quora.


Automatically post content from RSS feeds to different WordPress blogs, Multisite and BuddyPress ready, powerful functionality.

Post Voting Plugin

Bring the power of Digg to your site and gauge the popularity of your content with user voting.


The perfect affiliate marketing plugin for your WordPress site – allows your users to simply become affiliates, send you referrals, track their clicks and sales and get paid while you do!

Batch Create

Create hundred or thousands of sites and users automatically by simply uploading a csv text file or xls file – site and user creation automation has never been so easy.

Blog & User Creator

Easily allows you, and your users, to batch create gazillions of blogs and/or users while setting passwords, urls, titles and more!

Footer Content

Allow administrators to add their own content to the footer of every page on their site.

Recent Global Comments

A global feed of the latest comments from all the sites across your entire network.

Recent Global Posts Feed

Provides a global feed of latest posts from all the sites across your entire network – for your clients, your users or yourself.

Google Analytics +

Track and view Google Analytics statistics for an individual site or an entire multisite network without leaving your WordPress dashboard.

A/B Theme Testing

Google Analytics AB testing for WordPress just got easy, compare two or more themes and find the winner.


Need a simple forum solution for your network? Now you’ve got one with the Forums plugin. Allows each site to have their very own forums – embedded in any page or post.

New Site Generator

Replaces the default generator tags that Multisite places in the source code

Comment Form Text

Easily add and manage text, or advertisements, or social elements (i.e. ‘Share This’ buttons) in the comment form area of every blog

Languages for WordPress

A pack of 75 different languages, ready for you to drop into your WordPress site for some serious translation action

Custom Sidebars Pro

Supercharge WordPress widgets by easily creating and dynamically displaying custom areas on posts, categories, pages or by user type.