1-Click Multisite BuddyPress Install With New Blog Templates

1-Click Multisite BuddyPress Install With New Blog Templates

The New Blog Templates plugin has always been invaluable for WordPress multisite network owners wanting to provide pre-packaged sites for their clients.

The latest updates add BuddyPress compatibility, taking pre-packaging to new heights by allowing network owners to provide site owners with a 1-click install of a fully-configured, fully-themed BuddyPress site.

Add A Network Of Social Networks

The recent updates to New Blog Templates have fully integrated BuddyPress into the site creation process. Now network owners can create a common social network for their multisite install with multiple entry points.

Common scenarios where this could be invaluable include:

  • an international organisation with a site for each country can share a social platform
  • a network of niche sites on a common theme with a shared social area
  • associations that offer sites to branches but want a centralized social network accessible from each branch site
  • networks that simply want social functions to be available from each and every site
Screenshot of the New Blog templates theme selection page in the multsite sign-up process
Add an entry point to a centralized social network to any site on your network

Create, configure and style BuddyPress on a site and create a template for a 1-click install of a fully-functioning localised interface to your BuddyPress powered social network. Everything gets copied across including BuddyPress settings, themes and BuddyPress-specific pages.

There’s full support from Pro Sites as well, allowing BuddyPress to be a Premium Plugin and for BuddyPress group creation and user messaging to also be a premium feature.

Screengrab of the Pro Sites BuddyPress settings
Control the subscription level required for advanced BP functionality such as groups and messaging

New Blog Templates brings the ease and convenience of a pre-packaged social network to your multisite network.

About New Blog Templates

New Blog Templates is the essential plugin for any WordPress multisite network owner that needs to create new sites on a regular basis.

The plugin allows existing sites to be used to create templates that can be selected by new users during the registration process. The network administrator can decide which parts of the existing site will be duplicated: posts, pages, images, attachments, categories, taxonomies, menus, users, site settings, active plugins and themes.

Screenshot of the New Blog Templates Edit Template screen
Creating templates is easy – just select an existing site and select what to copy

Preloaded content can even be locked from editing in the new site, allowing for the creation of “network” pages and posts.

With New Blog Templates in place, a new user can create a fully-working, fully-themed site with a single click with no need to worry about any additional configuration. All they have to do is start creating content.

And, of course, New Blog Templates fully integrates with WPMU DEV’s Pro Sites, the essential plugin for commercial network owners for creating paid subscription levels where access to a particular feature, plugin or theme can be tied to a subscription level.

New Blog Templates: the essential component of every WordPress multisite network owner’s toolkit.

Download the New Blog Templates plugin.