5 Facebook Plugins You Need Before It Dies Off

5 Facebook Plugins You Need Before It Dies Off

You’ve no doubt heard about the claims Facebook has spread like an “infectious disease” across the planet and over the next three years will lose a staggering 80 percent of its users.

We all watched as Myspace crashed and burned (despite Justin Timberlake’s best attempts to revive it) so this news comes as no surprise.

So before users begin abandoning Facebook (and their parent’s embarrassing comments on posts) in droves, let’s make the most of it! This collection of free and premium Facebook plugins for WordPress includes all you need (and then some!) to fully integrate Facebook into your site.

  • Social Locker for Wordpress

    Social Locker lets your users “pay” with a Like, much like WPMU DEV’s Pay With a Like plugin. The plugin allows you to lock access to the content on your site – videos, audio, free downloads etc – until a user clicks Like. Clicking Like gives them access to your content, while you get your site promoted to the user’s friends and followers.

    The plugin uses shortcodes to lock content, so you can control exactly what you want users to see. The nifty thing about this plugin is the analytics tools, which let you track how users interact with the locker and which locked parts of your site bring in the most traffic.

  • WP4FB WordPress Facebook Plugin

    WP4FB allows you to create custom Facebook fan page tabs with a drag and drop interface. The plugin comes with a bunch of fan page templates as well as FanGate, which locks content to non-users of your site until they click Like.

    Other features include ShareGate, which encourages users to share your content with their friends, optimized wall messages and shortcodes.

    This premium plugin is a bit pricey, with prices ranging from $67 for a single fan page license to $197 for an unlimited agency license.

  • Custom Facebook Feed

    This plugin allows you to display a customizable, responsive and search engine-friendly version of your Facebook wall on your site. You can match the look and feel of your site. You can display multiple Facebook walls from different Facebook pages and groups and use shortcode to embed them into posts, pages or widgets on your site.

    You can even display events from your Facebook wall with the name, date, time, location and description.

    Setting up the plugin is easy, and like other Facebook plugins you’ll need a Facebook developer account. This is the free version of the plugin. The premium version offers updates and support.

  • Social Traffic Pop for WordPress

    Social Traffic Pop displays a pop up on your site displaying your social media accounts to encourage visitors to your site to like your site’s Facebook page. This plugin isn’t Facebook specific, though. It also includes Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn.

    The plugin’s settings include options for timing the pop up and adjusting the opacity of the background when the pop up is displayed.

  • Ultimate Facebook

    Last, but not least, I couldn’t put together a list on Facebook plugins without mentioning our very own Ultimate Facebook plugin. This plugin combines the functionality of a dozen different plugins in one do-it-all plugin.

    The plugin’s features include allowing users to log into your site with their Facebook account, autoposting to Facebook, importing comments from Facebook to your site, Like and Send buttons, Open Graph, fan page widgets and shortcodes for further customization.

    Nine custom widgets let you add advanced social sharing to your site, including Facebook Connect, photo albums, events, Facepile, and more.

    Note: This plugin has now been retired. You can download it from our GitHub repository, but we no longer support or maintain the plugin.

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Raelene Morey
Raelene Morey Rae is a writer and blogger working out of Melbourne, Australia.
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