10 Small WordPress Theme Providers That Pack a Big Punch

The WordPress theme business is booming and there are quite a few very large theme shops out there. There are also many lesser-known, yet high quality outfits selling some unique and beautiful WordPress themes. Today we’re going to focus on “the little guy” and showcase ten theme providers who currently have fewer than 20 WordPress themes for sale.


ThemeFuse provides many different kinds of themes, including app themes, corporate, magazine style and a number of different portfolio themes. You can even “try before you buy” using the ThemeFuse Test Labs.


AppThemes goes beyond the regular WordPress theme to provide a complete business solution, which are essentially premium WordPress applications. They are one of very few theme providers within this unique niche.


ThemeWarrior has a number of unique themes, including their latest – nowLedge, a theme that gives you the tools to build a knowledge base site using WordPress, which includes a built-in AJAX rating system and post view counter.


WonderThemes is a new WordPress theme marketplace selling themes from different designers. It’s very easy to get started selling your themes and a generous percentage of any sales goes straight into the seller’s PayPal account.


ThemeTrust is without a doubt one of my favorite WordPress theme providers because of their clean, minimalist designs. They specialize in blog and portfolio themes. With the 2-for-1 discount, you can’t go wrong!


PressWork is a free HTML5 drag-and-drop framework for WordPress. They currently have a small selection of beautifully-designed commercial themes that work on top of the PressWork framework. Check out our recent feature piece for more information.

Allure Themes

Allure Themes are designed with women in mind. The themes are created and supported by a talented team of WordPress developers. You can trust you’re getting a quality product when you purchase from this shop.

Shaken & Stirred

The Shaken & Stirred themes team believes in quality over quantity. They strive to create unique products that are beautifully designed and functional, without being bloated. These themes are very well done, one-of-a-kind creations.

Organic Themes

Organic Themes are specifically created for artists, bloggers and business owners. Their themes boast clean code and fresh designs. It won’t be long before they have enough themes to be considered one of the larger shops.


MintThemes focuses on developing specific types of themes for specific purposes like churches, bands, businesses and more. If you need a high quality niche theme, this is one of the best places to look.

What are your favorites? Do you prefer going with a smaller theme shop or do you stick to the major leagues when selecting a WordPress theme?