10 Admin Menu Plugins to Improve Your WordPress Site’s User Interface

As a WordPress administrator, there is probably nothing you look at on a more regular basis or rely on more heavily than your Admin Menus. You get used to them, yes, but everyone has his/her own preferences.

These ten Admin Menu plugins below are meant to help you customize and improve the backend section of your site. Use them to set up a more efficient user interface – something that makes more sense to you and your own way of working.


1. Admin Menu Editor (Download)

While this plugin does more than this, the two most obvious things it does is let you rename your menu items and also move them around.



Here’s a look at slightly more extensive list of its features:

  • Edit menu items – change titles, access rights, associated icons, etc.
  • Drag and drop menu items
  • Cut and paste items to other submenus
  • Hide menu items
  • Create custom menus and link them to a URL (external or internal)



2. Admin Menu (Download)

The Admin Menu plugin places important Admin links at the top of your site on the FRONT END.

3. Admin Menu Tree Page View (Download)

This plugin lets you see all your Pages (not Posts) in a tree-page view. This, of course, is especially good for sites with lots of Pages – perhaps sites that are built to function more like a traditional website as much as a blog.

You can also add Pages via the tree, as well as search for existing pages.


4. Notifications for Collapsed Admin Menu (Download)

Do you like using collapsed menus? If so, then this plugin may be for you. Although collapsed menus give you more space, when activated, they take away your ability to see your notifications easily for things like comments, plugin updates, theme updates, etc.

The Notifications for Collapsed Admin Menu plugin highlights the appropriate icon when you have a notification in that section. See the screenshot below where the left side has the normal collapsed menu and the right side has the plugin installed.

5. Post and Page Counter for Admin Menu (Download)

This plugin lets you see the number of Posts or Pages in a certain stage (draft, published, pending, etc.). You set the stage on the plugin’s settings page, and then the number of Posts or Pages in that stage appear in a number on the menu.

6. Ultimate Admin Bar (Download)

The Ultimate Admin Bar takes your Admin Menu from the left-hand side of the screen, collapses it, and incorporates it into the top Admin Bar. This does primarily two things – it gives you more screen space, and it also keep all your menu items handy no matter how far down the screen you scroll because the Admin Bar always remains floating at the top.


7. Admin-Colour (Download)

This plugin lets you color-code your menu items … or just liven them up to make things a little more festive.

 8. Blogify Posts  Menu (Download)

“But where’s my blog?” say your clients. They see Pages; they see Posts; they see lots of other stuff too.  It confusing, no doubt. This, says the plugin author, is what led her to make this simple plugin. It changes the “Posts” section label to “Blog.” Activate it and it’s done.


9. Remove Tools Menu (Download)

Although this can be done with more complicated plugins, if all you need is your Tools Menu removed, install this plugin, activate it, and you’re done.

10. Post Status Menu Items (Download)

This plugin extends your Posts menu section to include links for the status of different posts: Drafts, Pending, Scheduled, Published.


Photo: Menu from BigStock