100 Plugins = WPMU DEV Giveaway Time!

100 Plugins = WPMU DEV Giveaway Time!

You may remember, back at the end of 2009 that we had a contest to celebrate 100 plugins, themes and other stuff at WPMU DEV.

Well, we’ve been adding new themes, plugins and other releases pretty frantically since then, and we’re now at over 130 in total… but most importantly we’ve almost got 100 plugins!

Currently, we have 97, and the next three we are going to release will be brilliant ones, and more importantly…

For each one we release, we’re giving away a free annual membership to WPMU DEV!

You can use this either as a brand new membership or an extension to your current one, that’s a saving to you of $419, or a very nice present for a friend.

Basically, as we release each of the three plugins, we’ll also do a draw for the free membership and publish the winners here.

How do you enter?

Entering is easy and open to anyone :)

All you have to do is:

  1. Write a post on your blog (or site of any description) about what WPMU DEV plugins and themes you have found most useful (or would most like to use) and make sure you  link to them*
  2. Link to this post too
  3. Leave a comment below with a link to your submission

*You can enter from up to three separate sites max (giving you 3 separate submissions and 3 chances to win)… but you *must* link in order to be entered.

You’ll be automatically entered into the draw for each release, and we’ll announce the winner in each plugin announcement post, so make sure you are subscribed to our feed.

Good luck!