The 12 Best Free WordPress Pinterest Plugins on the Market

The 12 Best Free WordPress Pinterest Plugins on the Market

As Pinterest continues to grow and innovate, it seems only natural that integrating your WordPress site and your Pinterest account is a smart move. And so below we’ve collected the 12 best free Pinterest plugins we could find to help you do just that.

As you might expect, there are number of very different types of  Pinterest plugins out there. And so first we’ll do a quick run-through of the different kinds, and then we’ll give you our suggestions for each type.

* Note: Of course many social sharing plugins will have a Pinterest component to them. We have not included any of those here. These plugins below focus solely on Pinterest.

  • Pin It Buttons – Probably the most common. The “pin it” button usually sits at the bottom or top of the post, or even on the image itself. It encourages a viewer to pin the images in your post.
  • Follow Me Badges – These are basically dressed up links to your Pinterest account. You will find them either in widgets or sometimes coupled with “pin it” buttons.
  • Gallery Widgets – These sidebar widgets show galleries from your Pinterest account.
  • In-Post Galleries – These plugins give you shortcodes that let you insert galleries from your Pinterest account into Posts or Pages (as opposed to in the sidebar).
  • Apply to Galleries – These allow you to apply little “pin it” buttons to each thumbnail in a gallery.
  • Verification – These plugins make verifying the ownership of your site with Pinterest easier.
  • Blocking – These plugins help you block your images from being pinned on Pinterest.

OK, onto the plugins.

  • 1. Pinterest Pin It Button for Images

    Type: Pin It Button

    The Pinterest Pin It Button for Images plugin provides a nice, large “Pin It” button on the image when you hover over it. It also fades out/lightens the image itself when you hover so that attention is drawn to the image and the visitor knows something is going on.

    There are a few different settings with this plugin. You can choose locations where the button doesn’t show up, such as on the home page or on category pages, etc. You can also choose what info will be sent along with the pin, such as the post title, the post title and the link, the website name, etc.

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  • 2. Pinterest Pin It Button

    Type: Pin It Button

    This plugin puts a pin it button at the bottom (or top) of your post. It comes with a number of different settings.

    When the button is clicked, you can have your visitor choose from a number of different images (all the images on the page), or you can set a default image (the first image in the post) to be pinned.

    You can also choose between a large or small button, a circular or rectangular button, a gray, red, or white button, and also whether to show a pin count or not.

    Other choices include which types of pages to show it on (only on single posts, only on the home page, etc.), and where the button appears – above or below the post.

    There is also a spot for custom CSS if you’re up for that.

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  • 3. Pinterest Follow Button

    Type: Follow Badge

    The Pinterest Follow Button is a badge that provides a catchy graphic link to your Pinterest page. You can choose from a few different pre-installed graphics, or you can even upload your own.

    You can easily put these images in your site either though a widget or a shortcode, which you can insert into any Post or Page, of course.

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  • 4. Pinterest Pinboard Widget

    Type: Gallery Widget

    The Pinterest Pinboard Widget will put a gallery style of images from a user’s entire board. There is no option to limit the gallery to one specific board.

    This plugin lets you control the number of images across the gallery. That said, while it did three images wide for me with no problems, I couldn’t seem to get it to go four images wide. And it seems I had enough space in my sidebar, so I’m not really sure what was going on there. (I tried it with two different themes as well.)

    Those issues aside, it did look nice when I limited it to three images wide.

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  • 5. Easy Pinterest

    Type: Gallery Widget

    The Easy Pinterest plugin is just as advertised – easy. This simple widget lets you pull from a Pinterest user’s entire account (no specific board option). It also lets you put in a title for the widget, and it lets you choose how many images to show. And that’s it.

    While limited in the number of options it offers, it does look very nice and seems to fill out the sidebar evenly, something a few of the other plugins seemed to have issues with. And so even though it’s simple, it does look nice.

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  • 6. Pretty Pinterest Pins

    Type: Gallery Widget

    The Pretty Pinterest Pins plugin is a widget that lets you call in the latest images from either the whole account of a user or one particular board. You can choose the number of images to show (up to 25), and there’s also an option to show an image’s caption and a “Follow Me” button as well.

    One possible drawback on this plugin is that you do not have the option of controlling the size of the images, and so they may end up looking a little too narrow in your sidebar.

    Interested in 6. Pretty Pinterest Pins?

  • 7. Pinterest RSS Widget

    Type: Gallery Widget & In-Post Gallery

    The Pinterest RSS Widget plugin gives you a widget to work with, of course, but it also gives you a shortcode you can use to pull images into a Post or Page. The screenshot above is the shortcode in action.

    The sidebar widget gives you a number of options, such as letting you pull from an entire account or a specific board. It also lets you determine the number of images to show, the height and width of the images, whether or not to show a title, and whether or not to open a new window.

    This plugin also includes a “Follow Me” button at the bottom of the widget or the gallery (via the shortcode). You can choose different sizes for that, or you can disable it altogether.

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  • 8. Alpine Photo Tile for Pinterest

    Type: In-Post Gallery

    The Alpine Photo Tile for Pinterest plugin allows you to put photos from a Pinterest user or a Pinterest board into your Posts or Pages with a shortcode.

    Unquestionably, the strength of this plugin lies both in all the options it gives you and in the easy-to-use shortcode generator.

    A user of the Alpine plugin can choose no less than eight different basic styles for the galleries. You can also control the photos per row, the size of the photos, the maximum number of photos, and more.

    You make all of these choices by either filling out boxes or using pulldown menus. When you’re finished, simply hit the “Generate Shortcode” button, and the rather complex shortcode needed is created for you on the fly.

    This is a very handy plugin for anyone looking to place Pinterest images inside of a Post or Page.

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  • 9. Eewee Pinterest

    Type: In-Post Gallery

    While not anywhere near as robust at the Alpine Photo plugin above, the Eewee Pinterest plugin lets you put a Pinterest board into a Post or a Page with a shortcode. It also lets you control not only the height and width of the board itself, but also the width of the images inside the board (the height of the images will scale with the width). So this is a convenient plugin.

    It does come with an option to put your board into your header or your footer, but I found that didn’t really work well for me. It just put the board all the way to the left side of my site, outside of the main content frame.

    Using the shortcode inside of a Post or Page, however, did work fine for me.

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  • 10. Pinterest for Galleries

    Type: Apply to Galleries

    This plugin adds a little “Pin It” button under each thumbnail in a native WordPress gallery. There are no settings for it. Simply activate it, and it should work.

    It should be noted that if have a special type of plugin for your galleries, or if your theme styles your galleries, then it may not work.

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  • 11. Pinterest Verify

    Type: Verification

    In your Pinterest account, you can verify that you actually own the site you say own by getting a special code from this page. Once your account is verified, you will see a little check mark (as in the image above) on your pages showing that you do indeed own that site.

    The only problem is you either have to upload an html file to your server, or you need to insert some code into your template. Some people don’t like to mess with that type of stuff, and so the Pinterest Verify plugin helps with that.

    It gives you a simple box to paste your code into. (The instructions in the plugin will tell you where to find the code.) It’s a much cleaner solution than the ones Pinterest offers.

    Note: I tried this out, and at first it told me my site wasn’t verified. But when I tried to do it again, suddenly it said it actually was verified. This happened on two different test sites, so if you get that message, have a little patience. You may be verified after all.

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  • 12. Pinterest Block

    Type: Blocking

    This plugin will automatically add the “nopin” tag to your content. The “nopin” tag is the official meta tag created by Pinterest to let sites opt out of having their images pinned.

    This plugin lets you choose which pages to apply the nopin tag to – only the homepage, single pages, etc.

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