15 Go-To Places for WordPress and BuddyPress News, Tips and Tutorials

15 Go-To Places for WordPress and BuddyPress News, Tips and Tutorials

I was happily browsing my Google Reader today, checking out all of the latest WordPress news and I thought it might be a good idea to share with you guys some of the sites that I regularly read for the latest WordPress news.

Without further ado….


WordPress News


One of the first places you should stop at for WordPress News has got to be WordPress.org. You’ll find all of the latest information about upcoming WordPress releases as well as information about meet-ups and conferences.

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WordPress Planet

wordpress planet

WordPress Planet is an aggregate feed of lots of people working in the WordPress planet. There are too many people for me to list them all here but it’s a must-subscribe for keeping up to date with what’s going on in the WordPress community.


Weblog Tools Collection

weblog tools collectionWeblog Tools Collection has been a staple of the WordPress community for years. In fact, you’re probably already familiar with it as it gets fed straight into your WordPress dashboard. It’s one of my top places to go to find out about the latest theme and plugin releases. They also have loads of useful tips and opinion.

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wordcast WordCast is overseen by Lorelle van Fossen, of Lorelle on WordPress fame. It has got all the latest news from the community and is a good way to keep up to date with new developments. You’ll also find a wide range of opinion and interviews that you can spend hours reading while you’re doing some of your daily procrastination.

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WP Candy

WP candyOver the past year, WP Candy has been growing to be a fantastic resource for all of the latest WordPress news. Previously a tutorial site, it was taken over by Ryan Imel who has transformed it into a thriving website. Ryan and his team are great at sniffing out the latest news and giving insightful opinion on all things WordPress.

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Tips & Hacks

WP Engineer

WP EngineerWP Engineer is a great place for getting tips on how to engineer your WordPress websites. There are loads of ideas for how to tweak, improve and engineer your site. It’s run by three self-proclaimed WordPress junkies – Alexander Frison, Frank Bultge and Michael Press, all of who regularly update this useful resource.

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WP Recipes

WP RecipesWP Recipes is run by Jean-Baptiste Jung, who also authors Cats Who Code. WP Recipes provides “daily recipes to cook with WordPress”. It had loads of hacks that are great for beginners and more advanced users of WordPress and is one of my go-to places for finding hacks to tweak my WordPress sites.

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Digging into WordPress

Digging into WordPressRecently Digging into WordPress brought out version 3 of their book, and it’s already sold out – shows you just how popular they are. They’ve got some great advice and tips on the best way to run your WordPress website.

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WP Beginner

WP BeginnerWP Beginner is not so beginner as the name suggest. While there are some great tutorials for beginners on there, there are also lots of hacks for the advanced user. You could easily spend a few hours, browsing through the site, looking at all of the useful tips and hacks they’ve got on there.

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WP Lift

WP LiftA relative newcomer to the WordPress world, WP Lift was set up in 2010 but it’s already a great repository for all things WordPress. As well as providing news and tutorials they’ve got the occasional freebie. I love free stuff!!!

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If you’re a BuddyPress aficionado this is the place you’ve got to go to find out all of the latest news about BuddyPress. Subscribe to the BuddyPress blog to find out about any new updates and also news about what’s happening in the BuddyPress community.

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BuddyDressBuddyDress is another part of the Incsub community and the blog there is maintained by one of our very talented designers – Tammie Lister. If you’re looking for some great BuddyPress tips and tricks be sure to check it out.

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BP Tricks

BP Tricks aggregates BuddyPress tricks from across the internet so it’s a good place to subscribe if you want an easy way to stay up to date. The site also invites visitors to submit their own BuddyPress tips to share with other visitors.

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CUNY Academic Commons Development Blog

CUNY Academic CommonsIt might seem like a random place to get BuddyPress tips, but the CUNY Development blog has been doing some really interesting work with BuddyPress. As well as releasing a number of significant BuddyPress plugins, they also post regularly with BuddyPress Tips and Hacks. As a large BuddyPress network they produce some insightful and useful content that you should be taking advantage of.

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And last, but by no means least


That’s right – that is us. James, Sarah and I are always working hard to bring you up-to-date news, opinion, and in-depth tutorials and analysis on all things WordPress, Multisite and WordPress. We update the blog every day, keeping our little fingers on the pulse of the WordPress community. I couldn’t put together a list of the best places to get WordPress news and tips without including our happy home :)

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Where are your favorite places to go to for WordPress news and tricks? Let me know so I can subscribe!!!