15 Key Elements to Building a Resume WordPress Website

What is a résumé WordPress website?

Résumé: A résumé is a summary and/or a set of accomplishments about yourself.

WordPress: WordPress is software that gives you the ability to create a beautiful websites easily. The core software is built by hundreds of community volunteers and there are thousands of third party themes and plugins available to transform your site’s style and functionality.

Website: A website is a group of web pages containing hyperlinks to each other and made available online by an individual.

In plain English this means a résumé WordPress website is an online tool that sells you and your talent well enough to get people to know you, like you and want to work with you.

Elements of a Résumé WordPress Website

WordPress Websites : The Resume Site1. The Product and Marketing

With a resumé WordPress webisite, YOU are the product and your WordPress website is your marketing tool. It is your responsibility to market yourself, your talents and your abilities in order to get yourself from wherever you are, to wherever you want to be. In order for you to do this within your résumé WordPress website, ask yourself what it is that you want to be known for? The answer will lead you to the skills that you will need to market and continually develop.

2. The Simple Brochure Type Site

A simple brochure website is the perfect type of website to use as the hub for all the interests and activities that you have going on that you want to share with your potential employers or customers. When and if you need more than a simple informational website, it is easy to transition from a brochure site to a more complex website by simply adding a blog.

A brochure type website contains some basic, but very specific, static pages filled with all of the information about you. You can get some really great ideas for what type of information to include and be willing to share in your websites by taking a look at the information that some of the popular social media networks like facebook, twitter and LinkedIn collect.

3. The Theme

There are thousands of third party themes available to help you find the perfect look for your site’s style. With so many options, how do you determine which theme to choose? Pick the theme that you like best. Pick a theme that sets the right professional look, reflects who you are, and matches the message that you want to send.

4. The Tagline

Work on developing a tagline that is results oriented. Measurable results in the experiences you have can work well in a tagline. Think of your tagline as your mini-summary statement.

6. Add Basic Optimization

The Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in your résumé WordPress website is integral in providing the internet with the information it needs in order for you and your personal information to be highly visible to others. Focus initially on three basic SEO principles that can easily be added.

  • Set your permalink structure.

WordPress Websites Permalink Structure

  • Add an SEO Plugin.

Even if you have a theme that boasts built in SEO, consider using an SEO plugin that is designed by guys and gals that really know their SEO stuff. Typically, even basic configuration of these plugins are enough to give you a great start toward optimizing your WordPress website. You can find the link to my favorite SEO plugin, another popular SEO plugin, and the WPMU SEO plugin of choice listed below.

Platimum SEO Pack
All in One SEO Pack
Infinite SEO

  • Set your Privacy setting to allow search engines to index your WordPress website.

WordPress Website Privacy Settings

7. Your Image

By design and contrary to technological advances, human beings want and need to be around and hire other human beings. A résumé WordPress website is the perfect opportunity to let your potential employers and clients know that you are a real person. So, go ahead and add a nice image of yourself to your WordPress website!

You don’t have to spend a fortune to get a good image of yourself. All it will take is a little planning on your part. Dress in clothing that will be appropriate and matches the message that you want to send. Find a good location to take the picture. Someplace that has a solid color backdrop (a wall in your home or the side of your house) and some good lighting (the sun) works well. Get a friend to help and use any image capturing device (phone cameras, iPads, etc.) and most of all have fun.

8. An About Page

The About page of your résumé WordPress website is your chance to showcase your background to any of your potential employers or your clients. Additionally, consider adding a video to let your prospects know what you look like and to introduce yourself. Use your About page to set the tone for who you really are. Including your image and an excerpt from your About page on the sidebar throughout your WordPress website is a great way to let people see you.

9. A Work With Me Page

When you write a Work With Me page, you create an opportunity to show what you have to offer and what you are available for. You can use it to promote skills or services that you have and can provide.

10. Connect

Give everyone who visits your site the opportunity to friend and follow you.

11. Downloadable Offer

Offer at least one downloadable resource on your site. What to offer? Whatever you can that allows you to show them what you can do and how you can be an asset to the hiring company.

12. Testimonials

Use a number of different testimonials in different areas on and throughout your WordPress website. Word of mouth is still the best advertising. If you don’t have any testimonial, solicit for them. Use the best of the best to show your best to others.

13. The Contact Form

Be sure to include a contact form on your résumé site. You can use the contact form to collect testimonials, correspond with prospects and most importantly to start creating your own personal list.

14. The List

We have all heard that internet marketing is all about the list. Unfortunately, only the experienced internet marketers truly execute or fully understand the power of the list. Obviously, it is a way for you to begin collecting emails. But, the power of those emails is learning how to use them to connect, create relationships, network, leverage your resources and ultimately move you in the direction you want to go.

After the initial task of collecting the contacts, you can start the process of building your list by offering a simple email newsletter.

15. Keep it fresh.

Perhaps the biggest challenge to a résumé WordPress website is keeping your site updated. The bigger and more complex your WordPress webiste, the more difficult this can be. This is because in addition to keeping your site updated, you have the added tasks of keeping content on the blog new, unique and fresh.

The Primary Goal of a Résumé WordPress Website

The primary goal of a résuméWordPress webite is to share just enough experience and expertise online to convince employers and clients to take action and connect with you. The entire process of creating an online tool that sells you and your talent well enough to get people to know you, like you and want to work with you will mean nothing unless action is taken by the employer or the client.

Including these 15 elements within your résumé WordPress website can increase your chances of being noticed being contacted and getting the opportunity to prove that YOU are the asset that is needed.

*Special thanks to Cory Miller for a great webinar covering this topic on WebDesign.com!