15+ Must-Have Tools For Every WordPress Admin

15+ Must-Have Tools For Every WordPress Admin

The WordPress ecosystem is as colorful and varied as it is large. From the smallest personal blogs to directories of impressive size and complexity, the full spectrum is indeed a diverse one indeed.

Managing our site can be a hassle, though, especially as they become more and more complex. Luckily there are great tools that can help us in our daily administrative tasks.

In this post I’ve gathered a number of plugins and apps which help WordPress users with day-to-day interactions with WordPress. From directory managers to editors working with multiple authors and bloggers on the go, I hope everyone will find at least one tool to make their life easier.


WP-CLI is a command line tool that helps you do all your monotonous maintenance and other tasks extremely simply, across multiple websites. Don’t get scared off by its command line nature – it’s literally as simple as typing “wp theme update --all" and your theme’s will all be updated.

I wrote a bit about this handy tool in the Powerful Must-Have Tools for Every WordPress Developer. Check it out for some more in-depth examples.

WordPress Mobile

If you have a smartphone or a tablet why not take WordPress with you wherever you go? The WordPress app has come a long way since its inception and is now a worthy writing companion. You can use it offline and upload your work whenever you can, perfect for capturing thoughts on the go.

WordPress Mobile

It also has everything you need to handle comments and other admin tasks, gives you access to WordPress.com stats, has Jetpack integration, push notifications, media upload – all that good stuff.

WordPress Plugins

Plugins are the easiest way to add great functionality to your site. Editors of multi-author blogs have different needs that photographers with hundreds of photos to manage, I hope everyone will find something useful in the list below.

  • Reveal IDs

    Many plugins and premium themes ask you to input post ids in a list but figuring out the IDs is a bit difficult by default, you need to look in a post’s URL. The Reveal Ids plugin will place the ID of each post right in the admin table for easy access

  • Eggplant 301 Redirects

    This plugin lets you create simple redirect rules. You can set the redirect type to 301 or 302, and import rules from CSV which makes this tool super handy. One other nifty feature is the ability to choose a page, post, media or archive in place of a custom URL.

    Interested in Eggplant 301 Redirects?

  • Simple Page Ordering

    The ability to order pages arbitrarily in the admin is something I’ve always missed. The order of pages usually doesn’t matter and in many cases we use three-four of them regularly while the remaining 25 are infrequently opened. Simple Page Ordering allows you to create custom orders by dragging and dropping, allowing you to put your frequently accessed pages on top and keep them there.

    Interested in Simple Page Ordering?

  • Advanced Custom Fields

    This is one of my all time favorite plugins because it can be used for so many things! ACF allows you to add custom fields to your posts/pages/users/tags/categories/etc. You can choose from multiple fields and show them in specific circumstances – only for admin users for example. Adding data to posts has never been so easy!

    Interested in Advanced Custom Fields?

  • Search Regex

    Searching and replacing within all posts is something that comes up every now and again and is very difficult to do without the proper tools. Perhaps you added some data to the post content and now you want to do it more modularly with the previously mentioned ACF?

    In these situations, the ability to go through each post and remove the unnecessary bit is invaluable and Search Regex helps you do just that.

  • Posts To Do List

    This plugin can be used for adding todo items to posts, or to create a post checklist for authors. The plugin features an overview page where you can see all your to do items, the ability to assign tasks to users, assign priority, URL and more.

    Interested in Posts To Do List?

  • Audit Trail

    Websites with a large number of authors sometimes suffer from “whodunnit syndrome.” Audit Trail keeps a log of user actions which allows admins to follow up on naughty behavior or simply find out what’s going on all day to improve workflows.

  • WP Maintenance Mode

    This plugin is great if you want to make changes to your website and make sure visitor’s can’t access it while you do. Perhaps you made an embarrassing mistake in a post, perhaps a new theme is coming, WP Maintanance Mode can help any time you need to take your site offline for a bit.

    Interested in WP Maintenance Mode?

  • Editorial Calendar

    This plugin is a breath of fresh air for editors who have their hands full. It shows a list of scheduled posts to make sure you never forget to fill a spot. It can also come in handy if you want to manage sponsored posts and make sure you don’t overwhelm your site.

    Interested in Editorial Calendar?

  • Email Users

    For large-scale emailing I would recommend using a service like Madmimi or Mailchimp, for more modest needs this plugins is great. As an admin or editor you can email all your contributors at once, perhaps a call for posts, or some holiday wishes? Pretty useful if you ask me.

  • Ninja Forms

    There are a number of form plugins out there and one of the best is Ninja Forms. From Contact Us pages to gathering user information when viewing products, you can create a wide variety of form with multiple field types available.

  • Front-end Editor

    I’m not a huge fan of doing editing on the front end but this tool is a huge timesaver for those little things you notice while cruising around the site. It can be used just fine for large-scale editing as well and is made by Scribu, someone we can all trust in the WP community.

    Interested in Front-end Editor?

  • YOP Poll

    Want to ask your readers a question and put some numbers to the results? Polls are a great way to engage and measure and YOP Polls gives you plenty of options to do just that.

  • Advanced Access Manager

    If you manage multiple users and you also write sensitive content only relevant to some, this plugin will help you out. It allows you to micromanage what people are allowed to see.

    Interested in Advanced Access Manager?

  • Advanced Post Manager

    The main strength of this plugin is the ability to let you sort and filter your posts in the backend much more flexibly than you can with the default WordPress controls. For websites with a wide range of topics and specific search needs, this is a great addition.

    Interested in Advanced Post Manager?

The List Goes On

Of course the repository has thousands upon thousands of plugins to choose from. Some are wide reaching, some are for very small niche uses. Regardless of the shape or size of the plugin, there are at least two-three others which have similar features – it’s always worth looking for alternatives.

If you feel I’ve missed something particularly useful, please do share in the comments below.

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