24 Hours to Grab Yourself a WPMU DEV Membership for Life

24 Hours to Grab Yourself a WPMU DEV Membership for Life

Time is ticking away on our great competition and today is the last day that you can enter for that chance to win yourself a WPMU DEV Membership for life. As James points out in his original post, if you’re planning on living for another 60 years (and I, for one, plan to be a cyborg by then) then you’re looking at a prize of around $25,000!

But Just What Can I Do With My WPMU DEV Membership?

An important question – and easily answered.

  • Plugins: With more than 100 Premium Plugins you’ll never find yourself lost for a plugin again. And you can be sure that we’ll be making our developers work hard over the next sixty years to build you hundreds more.
  • Themes: We’ve got a great selection of WordPress, BuddyPress and Multisite Themes. We’re particularly hot on our front page Multisite themes, like the one we use at Edublogs.
  • Support: A lifetime of pestering Mason and his support team – worth more than you can possibly imagine.
  • And, of course, we’ve got manuals, white-label videos and you’ll get to be part of one of the biggest WordPress communities on the web.

All of that, for the rest of your life.

OMG!!!! I WANT IT! How do I Enter?

  1. Write a post on your blog or website about which WPMU DEV plugins and/or themes you find most useful or which ones you would like to use.
  2. Submit your review using the form on this post or email [email protected] and wait to see if your name is drawn.

That’s it.

But you’ve only got twenty-four hours so you’d better get your blogging hat on if you want a chance to win.