Evernote WordPress Integration: 3 Ways To Do It

Evernote WordPress Integration: 3 Ways To Do It

Evernote is a site that is gaining popularity as a visual bookmarking service for saving things you like that you come across on the internet. It works with nearly every computer, phone and mobile device out there. The most remarkable feature is the ability to search by title, tag or even printed and handwritten text inside images.

Why add Evernote integration to your WordPress site?

Adding Evernote options to your site can help you to help build a loyal following. Users are able to access Evernote from their computer or from mobile phones via many available apps. If a user bookmarks your site, it puts you in a position where you’re likely to gain repeat traffic.

WP-Evernote Site Memory Plugin

Check out WP Evernote Site Memory, the newest WordPress plugin for adding Evernote to your site. It integrates Evernote’s site memory feature into your content. The plugin places a fully customizable site memory button at the end of every page and post.

EverPress Plugin

EverPress is a deeper integration of WordPress and Evernote than WP Evernote Site Memory. This plugin allows Evernote users to automatically post their shared notebooks to WordPress. It supports multiple public Evernote notebooks. This plugin is for those who want to share information from their own Evernote accounts to WordPress.

WordPress Social Sharing and Bookmarking Plugins

There are numerous social plugins that include Evernote sharing functions, including the following, which are all compatible with WordPress 3.0:

These plugins are limited to simple sharing from WordPress to Evernote. You’ll have many options to choose from, depending on how deeply you need Evernote integrated with WordPress.

Evernote integration is especially useful for sites that focus on design, photography, or any kind of niche interest. If you have the opportunity to make sharing to WordPress from Evernote or back in the other direction, go ahead and put it out there. You’ll make a lot of loyal Evernote fans happy and promote your site through a new avenue.