30+ Top Quality Free, Minimalist and Stunning WordPress Themes

30+ Top Quality Free, Minimalist and Stunning WordPress Themes

Complexity in design isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Sliders, banners and other web elements can be distracting when all you want is for your readers to focus on your words.

Clean, minimalist themes allow your content to shine without unnecessary clutter or bloat.

The collection of themes below includes mostly themes put out for free by generous developers on their blogs, as well as free premium themes by larger agencies.

Don’t forget to give kudos to the developers/designers if you do decide download and use any of these themes!

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  • Casper

    Casper is a simple, minimalist theme inspired by the Ghost blogging platform.

    It features a large fullscreen header and takes advantage of features exclusive to Ghost, such as markdown and the ability to quickly paste links to display images.

    Interested in Casper?

  • Tonal

    Tonal offers a greyscale design that changes based on your background color.

    This theme features large images, full-width videos and makes the most of post formats.

    Interested in Tonal?

  • Dazzling

    Dazzling is a colorful, flat and responsive theme ideal for businesses.

    It is highly customizable for a free theme, with unlimited color variations, several widget areas, and a flexible featured slider.

    Interested in Dazzling?

  • Untitled

    Untitled has been designed by the theme team at Automattic.

    It comes with full-bleed featured posts, featured images, a fixed header and subtle CSS3 transitions. This theme also supports a right sidebar.

    Interested in Untitled?

  • Papaver

    Papaver is a stripped back, minimalist theme that puts the focus on your words.

    This theme offers one, two or three column variations.

    Interested in Papaver?

  • Touchfolio

    Touchfolio is a responsive, sparse design featuring large images.

    It has a skinning system based on LESS CSS (similar to variables in Twitter Bootstrap) and controls Photoshop file included.

    It also comes with two types of portfolio – a gallery with list in menu and masonry gallery.

    Interested in Touchfolio?

  • Wootique

    Wootique is a free WooThemes design that makes full use of all WooCommerce features. Every WooCommerce widget has been styled to match the design of this theme.

    It also comes with a featured slider, custom header and widgets and is highly customizable in the backend.

    Interested in Wootique?

  • Frank

    Frank provides a light, responsive and unobtrusive reading experience.

    This theme’s main focus is speed. The parent theme’s default home page makes just nine database queries and consists of two requests. This theme has no Javascript frameworks and no unnecessary images, just a simple no-frills fast blog.

    It is built on HTML5 and CSS3 and features several different homepage layouts.

    Interested in Frank?

  • Focused

    Focused is a responsive, clean theme designed for personal blogs.

    It features a left sidebar and takes advantage of post formats.

    Interested in Focused?

  • White Paper

    White Paper features a light, easy-to-use and laconic design that is ideal for personal blogging.

    This theme publishes images large, really large.

    Interested in White Paper?

  • Spacious

    Spacious is a multi-purpose responsive theme perfect for business.

    It comes with a slider four layouts, six templates, five custom widgets, 13 widget areas, boxed and wide layout, and light and dark skins.

    Best of all, it features free support – something rare for free themes.

    Interested in Spacious?

  • Pitch

    Pitch is a non-nonsense business theme that does the basics well. It’s easy to add content with built-in custom post types so you can add slides, clients, projects and features.

    This theme also comes with a minimal options panel.

    Interested in Pitch?

  • Expositio

    Expositio is a responsive portfolio theme designed with a big, clean layout for photographers and designers.

    It features horizontal scrolling and is super easy-to-use.

    Interested in Expositio?

  • Mystile

    Mystile is a lightweight and responsive WooCommerce theme designed as a canvas you can use as is or as a basis for your own design to match your products.

    This theme comes with a bevy of options and alternate color schemes. It also features a custom homepage and custom shortcode.

    Interested in Mystile?

  • The Night Watch

    The Night Watch is a simple, elegant and responsive theme ideal for personal blogs.

    It features a large head image and a single column design.

    Interested in The Night Watch?

  • mnmlist

    mnmlist is about as minimalistic as you’re going to get. This theme has been stripped bare to the absolute basics and is free from any distractions from the content.

    It features a clean, uncluttered design with a minimalist footer and nothing else – no header, sidebar or comments.

    Interested in mnmlist?

  • Less

    Less is a fast, minimalist single column design with large text and full-width images. It pulls in the site’s admin Gravatar picture in the header.

    It doesn’t come with widgets, though it is responsive and has one custom menu in the header.

    According to the developer, this theme is “great for LoLcats.”

    Interested in Less?

  • DW Minion

    This simple and clean theme is ideal for blogging. It features a responsive design and has been optimized for social sharing.

    DW Minion supports post formats.

    Interested in DW Minion?

  • Socute

    Socute is the free version of a premium eCommerce theme designed by YITHEMES.

    It is highly customizable and features a responsive design and various layout options.

    Interested in Socute?

  • Best

    Best is a functional, simple theme with a responsive design, page templates and multiple menus.

    This theme’s built-in layout options allow you to build a simple blog or a fully-fledged business site. It also comes with theming options and shortcode.

    Interested in Best?

  • Sinapp

    Sinapp is an ideal theme for promoting a mobile app.

    It features white-labeled theme administration, a shortcode generator, color skins, MailChimp integration and even free support.

    Interested in Sinapp?

  • Fruitful

    Fruitful is a clean theme, featuring both responsive and fixed layouts.

    It comes with a custom options panel, and key features include dummy content, easy social media sharing, custom heading, menu styling, and a JQuery slider.

    Interested in Fruitful?

  • Mono

    Moni is a clean, elegant theme that perfect for a range of different sites.

    This theme uses custom post types and has various widget areas. In the backend there are drag and drop menus for easy setup and maximum flexibility.

    Interested in Mono?

  • Fejoia

    Fejoia is an ultra minimalist theme with a two-tone design.

    This theme is ideal for bloggers with its focus on words rather than images.

    Interested in Fejoia?

  • Hellish Simplicity

    Hellish Simplicity is a simple, clean, and responsive design.

    Developer Ryan Hellyer originally developed this theme for his blog, but has made it available as a free download since 2008. It has undergone many iterations since then, but has mostly stayed true to its original design.

    Interested in Hellish Simplicity?

  • Padhang

    Padhang is a Medium-esque minimalist theme focusing on content.

    This theme features a responsive layout and two widget areas in the footer. It’s easily customizable using the theme customizer that comes with WordPress.

    Padhang means “bright” in Javanesse.

    Interested in Padhang?

  • Tiny

    Tiny is another ultra minimalistic theme that puts the focus on clean typography.

    It is fast, SEO-friendly and features 11 different styles ideal for bloggers.

    Interested in Tiny?

  • Madison

    Clean and retro, Madison has been designed for personal portfolios.

    Some of this theme’s features include a responsive design, a Nivo slider on the homepage, a work page with detailed information, Superfish dropdown menu, social links with icons and LESS files included.

    Interested in Madison?

  • Doke Doke

    Doke Doke is a cute and clean parallax theme ideal for creative agencies and freelancers.

    It features a filterable portfolio.

    Interested in Doke Doke?

  • Min

    Min is a super minimalist and responsive theme with no bells and whistles. It has two widgetized footer areas to handle navigation or anything else you want to put there.

    Interested in Min?

  • Landscape

    Landscape is a clean, minimalist responsive theme ideal for photographers and bloggers.

    The focus is squarely on words with this theme, though it’s easy to change that focus with some beautiful images.

    Interested in Landscape?

  • Lexiity

    Lexiity is a responsive under construction/coming soon/landing template featuring a count down timer.

    This theme’s features include white labelled theme administration, shortcode generator, color skins, MailChimp integration. It also comes with support.

    Interested in Lexiity?

  • Balloons

    Balloons is a responsive parallax theme with a whimsical design. The colors are customizable and this theme integrates well with the WP-Pagenavi plugin.

    The front-end language can be easily switched between English and German.

    Interested in Balloons?

  • Pinzolo

    Pinzolo is a beautiful, clean theme with customization options in the WordPress theme customizer.

    This theme features a custom header image and featured image header on posts and pages, custom background and color, fixed menu, Ajax loading for blog posts.

    Interested in Pinzolo?

What's your favorite minimalist theme? Tell us in the comments below.