4 Brand New WordPress Themes Released

It’s that time again. Maybe it’s something in the air or the change of the seasons, but there are some new, cool WordPress themes up for grabs. These four themes offer a little bit of something for everyone, adding to the variety pool of themes to choose from.


First up is a WordPress theme that might appeal to gamers. With a sleek and dark design, GamePress has all of the space needed for screenshots and other gaming goodies. What gamer doesn’t like a good, clean design that is reminiscent of blood on dark granite?

GamePress is a fixed-width theme with custom background, custom menus, a right sidebar, threaded-comments, and two columns. It is translation ready.

Gamers will be able to showcase their screenshots, tips, hints, and game strategies, all in a clean, easy-to-read design. Those who aren’t interested in games will find that this theme offers good looks and flexibility while remaining within the two-column layout that many prefer.


For those who want something a little more natural and soothing, the Rustic WordPress theme offers users an elegant two-panel layout that is easy to read without being boring.

Rustic is created by Empty Nest Themes and is GPL licensed and uses fluid column widths.

Unlike many themes that use photography as a background, the Rustic theme manages to remain easy to read without the photography cluttering the screen or distracting from the all-important content.

This theme is ideal for those who want beauty and elegance without having to work hard modifying the theme. The design is flexible enough to allow for photography to be displayed. Most importantly, the theme is designed to work well with a variety of different plugins.


– A Theme for Photographers

Photographers have special needs for their WordPress themes, and from the looks of it, Murmur  just might deliver a simplistic yet elegant way to showcase photography in WordPress.

Murmur uses a mobile-friendly design partnered with multiple menu and sidebar options. It runs off of the Hybrid Core Framework, allowing for easy portfolio management. It is designed to be highly customizable so it can fit the needs of every photo blogger.

One of Murmur’s strengths is that it can be arranged to suit the needs of the photographer. A magazine-styled layout can be used with it, but it can also be reverted to a more classic WordPress blog feeling. This is a strength that allows this to match to the needs of the professional or amateur photographer.


Last but not least, Keiran ( is a simple, clean, and dark WordPress Theme that uses two-panels and allows customized backgrounds, link colors, header images and favicons. Keiran is translation ready and comes natively in German and English.

Like GamePress, Keiran takes advantage of the classic design, but meant for the average person who just wants a simplistic, attractive theme that uses unusual yet readable fonts. Keiran targets the average user, remaining clean, simple to learn and use, and focuses on the content rather than the extras and appearances.

All five of these themes were released just this week and are available for FREE from the WordPress them library.


-Seth C