4 Exciting New Tools For WordPress and Google Chrome

Are WordPress and Google Chrome part of your daily life? You’re bound to appreciate these handy plugins and extensions that will make your life a little easier and save you some time.

Google Chrome Frame Plugin For WordPress

This plugin make IE render pages using the Google Chrome Engine (Webkit) and it also makes IE use Google’s V8 Javascript Engine.This plugin allows you to start using open web technologies – like the HTML5 canvas tag – right away, even technologies that aren’t yet supported in Internet Explorer 6, 7, or 8. Take advantage of JavaScript performance improvements to make your apps faster and more responsive. Are you dying to use some HTML5 goodness but reluctantly having to cater to the lowest common denominator (IE)? Install this plugin and take the ceiling off of your WordPress theming! Check out this video for a quick introduction to Google Chrome Frame:

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Extension: WordPress Comments Notifier

This extension checks for new pending comments of your WordPress blog and displays little notifications at the top of your browser. Coming soon is the ability to approve, unapprove, trash, reply to, and mark as spam – all inline without opening a new tab.

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Extension: WordThis

This extension adds a little WordPress icon next to the URL bar. Simply enter your blog’s URL in the options page and then can post from anywhere on the web, instead of having to sign into your dashboard. If you’re an active WordPress blogger who likes to write quick, short posts, then this extension will save you a bit of time.

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Extension: Chrome Sniffer

For the WordPress them designer, developer and enthusiast, this plugin makes it very easy to know if a site was built with WordPress, without having to check the source code. This extension helps web developers to inspect the web framework / CMS and javascript library running on the site you’re currently browsing. An icon will appear on the address bar indicating the detected frameworks. Currently, this extension can detect up to 50 popular CMS and javascript libraries, and more will be added in future releases.

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