40% Off WP Auctions for all WPMU.org Readers

Booya!  This just happened.  Over on the WPMU DEV forums we get requests for new plugins and features all the time.  Personally, I love these because they show how much our members care about the products and push us to constantly make sure we’re on our game.

The tough part is that there are often not enough hours in the day to meet every single one of them.  That’s why we work with 3rd party developers to strike up awesome, never-seen-before discounts for our members and readers here.  Today we’re pleased to announce that WP Auctions has provided us with just such a deal.  We’ve had requests for various types of auctions plugins a few times on our forums and while we may at some point get around to a cool product of our own, as they say “the best solution is the one that’s available today”.

WP Auctions, isn’t just the solution available today, it’s a worthwhile product that sets out to do one thing very well – create an auction on your WordPress site.  If you’re on the lookout for an auction plugin, this 40% off should seal the deal for you.  They even have a free version over on the wordpress.org repository so you can try it out straight away.  Here’s the description from WP Auctions themselves:

WP Auctions is a revolutionary plugin which allows you to host auctions on your blog or website and to sell anything, completely fee free! It uses an attractive AJAX powered popup for optimum user experience and lets you run personal auctions on your site.

Here are the instructions to redeem the special 40% discount code for WP Auctions to WPMU readers:

  1. Register at Weborithm Products.
  2. Select WP Auctions Pro or WP Auctions Pro Plus from the list of products.
  3. Enter the coupon code – WPMUWPA – to get 40% off. (subscription can be cancelled anytime)*
  4. Once payment is complete you’ll be redirected to your account center. Click on “WP Auctions” from your subscriptions list and proceed to download the plugin ZIP file.

That’s it.  Every buyer will get free updates and forum support for 1 year.  You do need to hurry though as this offer is only good through November 30th.

*The subscription is on a yearly recurring basis, to protect you against price increases, however you can very easily cancel the subscription, should you not need it. Cancelling the subscription will not remove the free updates and forum support for the year you’ve already paid for.