5 New Plugins That Extend the bbPress Plugin for WordPress

5 New Plugins That Extend the bbPress Plugin for WordPress

Ever since the new bbPress plugin made its debut as a beta version, new plugins to enhance it are starting to pop up. If you’ve got bbPress forums for WordPress running on your site, check out some of these add-ons. They’re the first of many more to come:

bbPress 2.0 Post Toolbar

The bbPress 2.0 Post Toolbar plugin offers you three very cool features for bringing multimedia into your bbPress posts:

  • Enables embedding of images in a bbPress post (turn it on in the settings).
  • Allows < span style=”” > in a bbPress posts.
  • Allows embedding of youtube videos using shortcode.

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bbPress Ignore User

This plugin allows users to maintain their own personal ignore user list. When a user is ignored, his posts and topics will be hidden from the user who ignored him. This helps to keep the site a much friendlier place if you experience frequent clashes in your forums. One handy features of this plugin is that users who can moderate the forum cannot be ignored by any members and members cannot ignore themselves.

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bbP Signature

This plugin adds signature support to the bbPress plugin. Current features include:

  • Maximum length of 500 charactors in the user edit page for the signature
  • User signature for topics and replies

In the future, the plugin’s developer plans to add a custom length selector for admin in the settings panel.

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bbP AutoRank

The bbP AutoRank plugin gives users an automated score based on the posts they make. You can configure the plugin through it’s admin panel or more advanced users can edit the plugin file. Check out the plugin’s FAQ page to find out how the scores are calculated and how you can change it to suite your needs.

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bbP Views

This plugin adds a couple of extra views to your bbPress forum:

  • Popular Topics
  • Unpopular Topics

The plugin’s developer plans to add more views in the future along with an options page. You can get a detailed tutorial for creating your own views and further extending the plugin at WPhandcraft.com.

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