5 Simple, Yet Professional WordPress Themes From WPMU DEV

WordPress themes are everywhere, but if you’re looking for a slick, elegant, professional “OMG, I can’t believe that’s a WordPress site” theme, you’re lucky if you can find something that even comes close.

Well after a long, looooooong search for a professional WordPress theme, I’ve collected five that I’d like to share with you today. All of these are available in the WPMU DEV “Farms 133 Pack” which I’ll share a link for at the close of this post.

Oh, and I know what you’re thinking. The package name, “Farms 133 Pack,”   sounds a little low budget at first hearing, but wait till you see what’s inside…

#1: Blue Zinfandel

Frankly, I’ve never been a fan of Zinfandel, I’m more of a Merlot man. But when it comes to WordPress themes, the Blue Zinfandel theme was love at first site for me. If you’re a writer or professional service provider yourself, I think you’ll see what I mean.

Just look at this…

Ah, like fine wine!

I feel like I’m reading a page right out of the New York Times when I look at this design. Of course, if you don’t care for the three column layout above, you can customize this WordPress theme to have either one sidebar on the left, one on the right or just go for a simple one column layout with no sidebars and with your primary pages in the menu header across the top.

You can also alter the color scheme from within the WordPress admin panel, which would technically make it Grey Zinfandel, or black…but a name is just a name right?

#2: Pixel

Okay, just shut it and look at this:


(Sorry, got a little excited there)

But seriously, when I saw the simple name “pixel,” I didn’t expect much from this theme. But then I got a look at the layout and design of this bad boy. Wow! If you’re building a site for a marketing firm, an entertainment company, a celebrity news site or a site for a band, this WordPress theme is just what the doctor ordered.

As with all the WPMU DEV WordPress themes, the sidebars and menus can be customized to include as many links and widgets and social share options as you’d like. You can also alter some of the themes colors, but why try to improve on perfection?

#3: Chaotic Soul

Don’t let the name of this WordPress theme fool you. Chaotic soul is anything but chaos. It’s a professional WordPress theme which combines simplicity and sophistication in a way that would make Jackson Pollock throw his paint brushes at the wall, crawl under the covers and cry himself to sleep in a fit of envy.

Check it out…

I’m a minimalist myself, and frankly I think a lot of companies are way to over the top in the design of their website. But occasionally you come across at site that looks (and navigates) like this one and it’s like a cool drink of water after crawling six miles through the dessert in a turtleneck sweater.


#4: Dignity

This professional WordPress theme simply lives up to its name. As you can see, it has an easy to find menu bar, a place for graphics and a text box on the left hand side for your hottest offers or for your primary company message:

The Dignity theme is versatile enough to be used for blue collar service providers, marketing/consulting firms or even for medical professionals. At most, you’d need to make a few minor changes to the color scheme so that they matched your company brand. But come on…just imagine the things you could do with this professional design and layout as the foundation of your WordPress site.

#5: Blix

Building a WordPress site for an IT company, a SaaS provider or a computer company? If so, you’ve got to check out this professional WordPress theme:

It’s not a lot to look at, but that’s part of the appeal for this theme. It’s simple, it’s easy to navigate, it loads superfast (important if you’re a technology company) and you’ve still got the sidebar widgets for adding a site search option and a couple of widgets on the right hand side of your site.

Those are my five top picks for getting that professional web design look using WordPress, but why stop there?

Check out 128 More Professional WordPress Themes

The WPMU DEV “Farms 133 Pack,” is literally an instant design portfolio that could save you oodles of time in coding and design work. Sure, not all of the themes in this pack are as slick and professional as these give five.

But if you’re a developer, there’s pretty much a WordPress theme in there for any industry you can imagine. I’ll leave it up to you to check out the rest of them for yourself, here’s the link I promised:

Check out the “Farms 133 Pack.”


-Seth C