5 Sure-Fire Ways to Make Money with Your WordPress Multisite Network

5 Sure-Fire Ways to Make Money with Your WordPress Multisite Network

Now that WordPress 3.0 is here Multisite functionality is much more accessible for any WordPress users who want to create their own networks. But what can you do with it? We’ve been creating and refining more ways for you to make money with your Multisite network since the early days of WPMU. You’ll find that there are many tools that will let you customize and automate your monetization strategy. The following are some of the most proven methods of putting your WordPress Multisite network to work for you.

1. Set up your own Affiliate Marketing Program

An effective affiliate marketing program allows you to continue promoting your products and services while you sleep. The WordPress MU Affiliate plugin automates your affiliate marketing system so that it’s easy for you to provide your partners with compelling creative banner advertisements targeted to your niche market, without you having to touch a single line of code. Users can sign up with a PayPal email address and the plugin tracks unique clicks, signups, and paid memberships. It also integrates 100% with our Supporter plugin so that when a free user decides to become a supporter, everyone makes money!

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2. Sell, Manage and Share Advertising

One of the best ways to attract new users to your Multisite network is to offer them a share of the advertising revenue from their blogs. Sharing revenue motivates your users to promote your site and you’ll earn more money together.

The Ad Sharing plugin, built for WP Multisite, allows you to automate your ad sharing. It’s so easy to use that there’s no need to touch the code or alter template files to insert ad codes. Use any advertising partners you want – adsense, context ads, etc. This plugin makes it extremely simple to split advertising revenue in a fair way, based on the number of impressions on users’ sites within your network. Ad Sharing is one of the quickest ways to monetize an existing site.

3. Create a Blogging Community with Premium Upgrades

Create your own blog network with upgrades, like WordPress.com or Edublogs.org, offering your users premium themes, premium plugins, extra storage, advertising, domain mapping and more. Selling premium upgrades to users is a tried and proven way to make money with your Multisite network. The best way to do this is by using the Supporter plugin. It’s the ultimate upgrade plugin that allows you to turn regular users into subscribers with premium themes, premium plugins and more. The Supporter plugin was developed for uber-WP Multisite network Edublogs and it’s a must-have tool for creating a profitable blog network.

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4. Create a Paid Membership Community or Directory

Creating a paid membership community is another way to monetize your WP Multisite network. Provide access to downloads, online content, videos, forums, support, BuddyPress groups, blogs, galleries, or anything else within your particular niche.

The Membership plugin, built with WP Multisite in mind, transforms your network into a full-featured, multi-tiered membership and subscription site. The flexible membership levels and options make it easy for you to customize it to match your exact specifications. Combine that with a simple-to-use drag and drop interface for managing your subscriptions and you have an unbeatable solution for profiting with your Multisite network. You can even allow sites within your network to become membership sites and charge for this features using the Supporter plugin!

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5. Sell Your Own Products or Create a Network of Stores

Selling your products online is the number one way to make money using WordPress. MarketPress does this expertly for Multisite networks. It was built specifically to allow you to create a network of stores and exponentially increase your profits by taking a cut of the sales from each store in your network. MarketPress gives you the option to take a predetermined percentage fee of all store sales on your network, a process which is completely automated and invisible to store customers. You can also make money on upgrades to the sites/stores within your network by allowing stores for only Pro (supporter) blogs, allowing only certain stores themes for Pro blogs, or allowing certain gateways for pro blogs. Sit back while your Multisite store owners do all the selling for you! This is one of the most solid ways to generate more income with your WordPress site, especially when combined with premium upgrades.