6 High Quality, Well-Supported WordPress Plugins Every Business Needs

6 High Quality, Well-Supported WordPress Plugins Every Business Needs

When you’re working on a business website, you need quality, and quickly, from the plugins you choose. If you had the know-how to be hacking and troubleshooting the plugins that you need, you would be writing and releasing your own plugins. The WordPress Apps Store was created to save you the hassle. WP Plugins is an extremely affordable solution with support offered for just $3/month to assist in making sure your business site gets the functionality it needs without all the headache.

Today we’re going to put a spotlight on six of the best professionally supported business plugins available from WP Plugins. From memberships and newsletters to SEO, these plugins deliver functions that all businesses need, with the support necessary for getting them working right the first time. Be assured that all of these plugins have been assesd, checked and scrutinised to ensure they are of the highest quality.

All in One SEO Pack – Pro Version

This is the professional version of the #1 most downloaded WordPress plugin. it optimizes your WordPress blog for Search Engines, which is essential for all businesses. It comes packed full of additional premium features and is the only plugin to provide full SEO integration for WP E-commerce sites.

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Subscribe2 HTML

Subscribe2 HTML provides all of the features of Subscribe2 with the addition of enabling HTML emails to be sent to all confirmed public subscribers for a more professional image. It also has the ability to send HTML emails from Post->Mail Subscribers and to sends Digest Emails containing HTML.

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CMS Members – WordPress, WPMU, and BuddyPress versions

CMS Members is really much more than a WordPress membership plugin. It not only provides a perfect WordPress as CMS solution for your site, but it can also be your new eCommerce platform. This enables you to build a paid membership site, accept credit cards, create order forms, integrate affiliates, offer newsletter subscription, create a premium theme community, etc. There’s also a version built specifically for WPMU and BuddyPress!

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Advanced Events Registration Pro Version

This WordPress plugin provides a way to take online registrations for events such as conference and seminars that are held live. The plugin uses the PayPal IPN to record payments to a database. It allows you to capture the registering persons contact information to the WordPress database as well as provides the ability to send the registrar to your PayPal payment site for online collection of event fees.

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Pop Over

This plugin is one of the most effective ways to advertise your mailing list, special offer or simply to show ads is via javascript ‘pop over’ on your site. It is very easily customized through the dashbaord to allow you to target your visitors with your own strategy and easily customize the look and feel of the pop over. We’ve seen dramatic increases in page views and time spent on the site when using this plugin.

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MailChimp Newsletter Integration

This plugin slots into a WordPress MU or single user WordPress.org blog and allows you to simply login and then select which MailChimp list you want to add new users to or import existing users to. If you’re sending email newsletters, this plugin will help you to expand your list and send professional emails with style.

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When you’re on a production schedule for your business website you can’t afford a hiccup on your development that could affect your bottom line. Sure you could wait for a free plugin to be released, but there’s no guarantee that it will updated in a timely fashion or available when you need it. Your business cannot afford to put itself at the mercy of plugins that
come with no support or guarantee. So if you like the functionality of these plugins offered through WP Plugins, you’re going to absolutely love the stress-free integration and support.