7 Easy Ways to Add the Official Twitter Button to Your WordPress Blog

Recently, Twitter released its official Tweet Button for sharing links from your site to Twitter. It’s small, sleek and better than all the other Twitter buttons we fiddled with before – yes, even better than TweetMeme’s “retweet button.” TweetMeme is partnering with Twitter on the new official button and will be launching some new Twitter-related projects in the near future.  

Most WordPress users want to add the Tweet Button to their blogs because of the large amount of traffic that Twitter drives to websites. Many of the plugins listed here are bundled with extra features that you may or may not need, but they all include the official Tweet Button. Choose your flavor:

Simple Twitter Connect

This plugin is actually a collection of plugins and is perhaps the most comprehensive option available for adding Twitter-related functions to your blog. Each smaller piece of functionality can be turned on or off at will. Notable bundled extras include: login using Twitter, comment using Twitter credentials, and @anywhere support.

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WP Tweet Button

This plugin fully implements Twitter’s official Tweet Button with all the bells and whistles. You’ll have options for tweeting the entry title, page title, blog name or a custom text. You’ll also be able to control the position and styling of the button. The plugin also includes language support and URL-shortening, among many other features.

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Twitter Tweet Button Plugin

This is a very simple plugin that gives you a few general options for where to place the Twitter button on your site. It also offers you shortcodes that you can use to output the button, ie. [tweet_vertical] [tweet_horizontal] [tweet_none]

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Tweet Button with Shortening

This is a fully configurable official tweet button plugin with URL shortening built in. Choose the type of button and specify the Twitter username to be included in the tweet. It supports all languages that Twitter supports.

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Twitter Goodies

This plugin includes a Twitter style Twitter Goodies Profile Widget, Twitter Goodies Search Widget, and Twitter Integration (WP to Twitter). It’s basically an all-in-one plugin for Twitter Goodies and the official tweet button. Tweets are auto-refreshed and the plugin also includes the option to publish a tweet when a post is published or edited.

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Twit Connect

Twit Connect integrate Twitter and WordPress by providing single-signon and avatars. It includes Twitter’s @anywhere: hovercards, follow button, tweetbox, and tweet button. It’s also fully compatible with BuddyPress.

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BuddyPress Tweet Button

This plugin adds the official tweet button to BuddyPress activities, forum topics and blog posts, allowing users to tweet the item.

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Increasing your blog’s traffic with this pretty little button couldn’t be simpler. That’s something worth tweeting about!

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  • Code Wrangler

    Thx for the overview but having just gone through the pains of selecting a twitter plugin myself, I have to point out a few missing points in your review that were of particular interest to me and maybe others too:

    Just a couple of days ago I knew nothing about twitter so all these questions occurred to me while hunting for the perfect twitter plugin without even knowing what I needed.

    – does the plugin offer a simple “follow me on twitter” button or a proper “re-tweet” button?
    – where does the re-tweet button lead you? to twitter or tweetmeme or somewhere else?
    – how does the output of the twitter button look like? I have seen a couple of crappy integrations where the button inserts its own html structure starting with a body declaration some even using iframe which breaks validation
    – does the plugin allow one-way or two-way synchronization? Some are able to import tweets into posts as opposed to only tweeting blog posts
    – is the plugin able to handle custom post types and taxonomies? I mean will it only tweet my blog posts or is it able to pick up my published custom types too?
    – how easy is it to style the button’s output? Some I have tested were making it practically impossible to reposition them due to lack of css selectors
    – does the plugin offer to generate a daily/weekly overview of tweets and post it into a blog post so people can i.e. subscribe to a daily/weekly twitter digest of your ramblings?

  • ovidiu – All of these were selected simply for the fact that they support the official Tweet button. Other features are incidental. Selecting a “Twitter plugin” would be a completely different post. There are hundreds of Twitter plugins. These 7 support Twitter’s official button and that’s why they are here. It is by no means an attempt to promote any of these as the most fully comprehensive Twitter plugin available.

  • Code Wrangler

    I meant to complement not criticize :-) sorry if that came across as criticism.

    Besides, the article already goes beyond listing plugins that support twitter’s official plugin by listing some of the features.
    I would not care if you were to promote a specific plugin, I merely listed some questions with which I was confronted when setting out to find the “perfect” twitter plugin.

  • Sure, no worries. As you know, the search for the perfect twitter plugin can take hours and hours simply because there are so many out there that do the same thing and some better than others. Not sure if I want to tackle that one in a blog post ;) but it might be helpful. Your points are very valuable to someone who’s searching for an all-around best Twitter plugin – maybe you should post about your process? We’d be happy to link to it. :)

  • While I agree complete with Ted about manually adding the button, I still find a good plugin, with all the options, to be easy. I came across this post while searching for a plugin that supports the new Twitter button, and eventually ended up installing WP Tweet Button because of all the options it provides. If I run into any issues with it, I can deactivate and remove the plugin and add the code manually.

    So far I haven’t run into any issues.

  • Thanks for the information on the new Twitter button, you definitely covered all the bases and made everything easy to understand. I just installed the new button and I’m happy I did. Thanks again.

  • The official twitter button is awesome, I wonder what took them so long to create it…Anyway, the easiest and best way to add it is probably manually. ;)

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