7 Signs You are a WordPress Fanatic

What Are the Characteristics of a WordPress Fanatic?

1. Does your work uniform consist of something sporting a great big WordPress “W” of some sort?

WordPressAfter taking my shower, combing my hair and brushing my teeth I make my way to my closet, pull out and put on my black t-shirt boldly stating “Ask me about WordPress” across the front. It really doesn’t matter which day of the week it is. I have a WordPress t-shirt for each day of the week. Seriously! WordPress T-shirts have become my work from home uniform.

2. Do you look forward to using your WordPress dishware almost as much as drinking your morning coffee?

Before I go to my office I go to the kitchen where my husband has kindly made a fresh pot of coffee. Reaching into the cupboard I pull out an extra-large blue and white WordPress coffee cup (a gift from my son) and fill it to the top with coffee and, caramel and white chocolate flavored creamer. I have other WordPress theme related mugs too.

3. Does the majority of your day revolve around teaching and/or learning WordPress?

The first thing I do when I arrive to my office (it is the third door on the right down the hall from the kitchen) is open my calendar to review which of my clients I have scheduled for 1-on-1 WordPress and other internet training appointments. Next, I review all the WordPress, web design or any other online webinars that I am planning to attend for my own personal training.

4. Do you have or participate in live chats whenever you are online?

Between appointments and webinars, I make myself available for WordPress Q&A on Skype chat anytime I am online (no calls please, unless you have a scheduled appointment).

5. Is the morning coffee you drank the only thing that actually reminds you that you must take a break?

I often have to remind myself to take breaks and eat regularly. I completely engulf myself in my work and rarely leave my desk. I do keep an iThemes glass that I got from a live WordPress web design training event filled with green apple licorice to snack on close by.

6. Do your client’s websites always look better than your own?

I have over 50 WordPress websites (over 20 of my own) that I am maintaining or am working on in one way or another. I am like a WordPress mechanic whose own site is always broken because my client’s websites are always more important than my own.

7. Does your family question the existence of any real friends because all of your friends are “virtual”.

I love to meet new people and make new friends. Some of my virtual friends are as close as family. It is great to have them around to discuss WordPress ins and outs that my family has no interest in.

Some people say I am a WordPress expert. I don’t see it that way. I just figure I am a WordPress fanatic that can share what I have learned with someone who knows a little bit less than me and I look to learn from those that know a little more.

A WordPress Fanatic

The Early Stages of Becoming a WordPress Fanatic

You just might be a WordPress fanatic if…

  • You can relate to ANY of the above situations.
  • You know the importance of WordPress vs. WordPress.
  • You know what Fight the Fauxgo means.
  • WordCamp is a vacation for the family and a tax write off for you.
  • The communities that you spend the most amount of time in are not located anywhere near where you actually reside and you never actually leave home.
  • You look at WordPress Upgrades as an opportunity to grow your freelance business.
  • When you attend WordPress training webinars, you find yourself trying to scroll on the presenters screen.
  • When you visit a great looking website you scroll to the bottom to find the name of the theme and “Powered by WordPress”.
  • When you can’t find the “Powered by WordPress” on the bottom of a website you immediately view source to check, just to be sure.
  • You’re thankful you don’t need to learn code (unless you want to do even more) – WordPress does practically everything for you.
  • You know, “there’s a plugin for that”.
  • You dream theme or child theme designs and layouts.
  • You dream answers to code problems.
  • You can laugh at the dreaded white screen of death.
  • You don’t use GoDaddy hosting and you know why.

Can you relate? What characteristics do you have that make you realize that you are on your way to becoming or already are a WordPress fanatic too?