7 Useful Hacks and Tutorials From the Buddypress Community This Week

More and more developers are starting to experiment with and write about BuddyPress. Today we’d like to feature some folks you might want to check in on from time to time to learn more about BuddyPress. Of course we’ll always have new tips here as well, but we wanted to highlight a few excellent tutorials that have been popping up this week in case you haven’t come across them yet.

How to Customize Your BuddyPress URL

Check out this tutorial for simple instructions on how to customize the slugs for BuddyPress, i.e. to change /members to /students. Changing the slugs to more accurately reflect your community can be a large boost to SEO as well as a strong usability improvement for your site. Always remember that the default theme is simply a starting point that is meant to be bent and customized to serve your unique community.

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Adding Sign in With Twitter to a Buddypress Site

This is a very in-depth tutorial on configuring BuddyPress to allow users to sign in using their Twitter usernames and passwords with the help of the Twit Connect plugin. If users are able to sign in using an account they most likely already have, then they are more likely to take your community for a test drive and start connecting with others. Anytime you can save your users time, everybody wins.

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Enabling Twitter Avatars Within BuddyPress

This tutorial also makes use of the Twit Connect plugin. It walks you through the process of adding a new function which enables Twitter avatars on regular WordPress blogs.

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BuddyPress Hack: Remove New Member Registration From Activity Stream

Here is a handy hack that you may find useful to clean up your BuddyPress activity stream. It simply removes the public notice of new members that are registering with your site. This is really helpful in case you are getting a lot of spam users and you don’t want them showing up in the activity stream.

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BuddyPress Hack: Disable Activity Stream Comments/Favorites For Certain Types

This is another hack that may be useful to your community. It will exclude commenting and favoriting on friendships created or shared links. This is great if you’re wanting to keep your activity stream lean, clean and more news-oriented.

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What Are Parent and Child Themes?

This is a great tutorial from our BuddydPress Manual that will introduce you to the architecture of parent and child themes. It details the process of creating and working with a child theme, as is the recommendation for BuddyPress. If the concept is new to you, go ahead and check out this simple explanation as well as the rest of the BuddyPress manual. You’ll find yourself ready to begin customizing your community in no time.

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Simple BuddyPress Guide

This guide provides a very simple introduction to BuddyPress in general and gives an overview of the platform, along with a quick list of FAQ’s. I found this article to be a short and sweet resource for getting started with BuddyPress.

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If you’re writing about BuddyPress, let us know! We’d be happy to check out some of your resources and review new techniques.