7 Ways to Collect and Track Donations with WordPress

Everybody loves a cause. Here are seven solid ways to help YOUR cause; check out these solutions to see how you can improve the way you collect and track donations on your WordPress site. All of the resources included here are updated to work with WordPress 3.0+

Donation Goals

This plugin gives you an attractive meter to showcase the amount of money your charitable organization or foundation has raised. You can use your own custom images. Both horizontal and vertical orientation are supported for the image. Drag and drop the plugin’s widget into any widgetized area of your theme.

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WordPress Donation Plugin with Goals and Paypal IPN by NonprofitCMS.org

This is an excellent plugin created by the team at NonprofitCMS.org. The plugin offers donations with the ability to specify an unlimited number of campaigns or goals. It integrates with PayPal IPN to update a progress meter in real time. A donor list is also included so that you can keep track of who has contributed.

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PayPal Target Meter

This plugin requires that you have a premium or better account with PayPal and it uses the NVP API to display a progress meter of donations towards a monthly or yearly goal. It also supports filtering received payments by the email address they were sent to. Check out a live demo at: http://brainsilo.org/

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Donation Widget

This plugin includes a donation button, progress meter and the ability to add a photo. It’s available in three sizes: badge, button, and blog and many different colors. Add it to your blog via a widget or the included shortcode.

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PayPal Donation Shortcode

This is a quick tutorial that I wrote about adding PayPal donation links within your post or page content via a shortcode. Simply copy and paste the code into your theme’s function.php file and you won’t need to add a plugin to start getting donations.

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Multi-Currency PayPal Donations

This plugin enables you to receive PayPal donations through your WordPress site in multiple currencies with the lowest possible fees. If you have PayPal accounts in multiple currencies then this allows you to route different currencies to specific PayPal accounts. However, multiple PayPal accounts are not required if you just want to use it for donations.

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PayPal Donations

This is an easy and simple plugin to for setting up and inserting PayPal donate buttons with a shortcode or through a sidebar widget. There are also options available for currency, localization of the button, a custom payment page style and the return page.

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