8 of the Best Free BuddyPress Themes Available

A few new BuddyPress themes are popping up on the scene and we’re featuring a few of them today. Free BuddyPress themes are still somewhat scarce, as it’s a new platform that WordPress designers have been hesitant to get into, even the premium theme makers. However, the BuddyPress community is growing and we’re sure to see more themes in the coming days. I hope this roundup saves you some time searching if you’re new to BuddyPress and looking for free themes. All of the themes featured here are compatible with BuddyPress 1.2.x.

Blogcaster BuddyPress Theme

This is one of the newest BuddyPress themes available for free at Blogcaster.com, along with a matching WordPress CMS and bbPress theme.

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Malleable is a child theme for the Hybrid theme framework.

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This is a dark child theme for BuddyPress, created by Diesel Laws.

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Cosmic Buddy

This is a clean, Orkut-inspired theme that includes seven different widgetized areas and an easily customizable logo image. It was created by Brajesh Singh of BuddyDEV, one of my favorite BuddyPress ninjas.

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Fishbook is a Facebook-inspired BuddyPress theme created by Michael Kuhlmann.

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Jukt Micronics

This is another theme from Michael Kuhlmann, available at the WordPress theme directory.

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Jet Green Theme

This theme includes seven blocks widgets and is available from Cosydale.com. The site is in Russian but it’s packed full of BuddyPress info, so it’s worth checking it out.

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BP Nicey

BP Nicey is another theme from Brajesh at BuddyDEV and is created to be very easily customizable.

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