9 Fresh and Original BuddyPress Sites For Inspiration

9 Fresh and Original BuddyPress Sites For Inspiration

Wondering what people are doing with BuddyPress lately? It’s time for another round of BuddyPress design inspiration. I’ve collected some great new examples to inspire you for your own projects. We have several in this round from non-English speaking countries where BuddyPress is becoming more popular, as it is rapidly being translated for more languages. Enjoy, comment, and explore BuddyPress beyond the default theme.


Amplify is a platform for engaging in conversations online with people who you’re already connected to on other networks. “In between tweeting & blogging, there’s a world to talk about.”

Virgin Media Pioneers

Virgin Media Pioneers Online is all about helping young entrepreneurs ‘make their ideas happen’. It’s an online space where you can get help to develop your idea, pick up new skills and create your own network.


Caryl is a ommunity website intended for expatriates in Morocco to be able to share their experiences.

Régions Démocrates

Régions Démocrates is the campaign site of the National French Democratic Movement for the regional election of March 2010.


Gm3r is a community site for gamers to interact, discuss news, and review games.

Travel Junkie

Travel-Junkie caters to the low-budget, long-term and off-the-beaten-track traveller and aims to be a valuable resource for all things backpacking.

Salomon Trail Running

Salomon Trail Running is a Polish community where members can share records, galleries, and tips on trail running.

Share My Playlists

ShareMyPlaylists.com is a resource for Spotify users to share and explore Spotify Playlists.

Young People

Young People is a web portal for youth workers where they can share resources, media tips, and information.

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