9 Fun Web Tools You can Embed in Your WordPress Blog

Embedding is a great way to increase the flexibility of your blog. Pretty much all of us have embedded a YouTube video or Google Map, you might have embedded a Slide share presentation or a tweet. But there are embeddable tools and applications out there that are beyond the day-to-day standards. They can improve your blog by improving the way that content is displayed or increasing interactivity. I’ve been playing around with a few of them. Here are ten of my favourites.

Answer Garden

Answer Garden is a minimalistic feedback tool that you can embed in your blog or website. You can use it for feedback, brainstorming or even for creating a simple poll. You can choose whether to allow your visitors to only submit one answer (like I have below – useful for polls) or submit unlimited answers (useful for brainstorming).

What is your favourite embeddable web tool?… at AnswerGarden.ch.


Xtranormal lets you create fun movies that you can upload to Youtube and embed in your site. You can sign up for an account for free or you can grab a Pro account. You can embed straight from Xtranormal or you can publish to Youtube and embed from there. The free account is fairly limited but it’s still possible to make a cool video, like this one I made just for you (includes swearing!):

The Trials of a WordPress Plugin Developer
by: spmckeown


Wallwisher is a fun tool for brainstorming, making announcements, taking notes and asking for opinions. It’s really easy to get started with and embed in your blog or website.


ToonDoo is a fun tool for making cartoons for your website or blog. If you’re like me then you have absolutely no talent when it comes to drawing. Long-term readers of wpmu.org will remember some of my crappy cartoons. Below is a cartoon I made of an actual exchange that happened between my husband and I.


360 Cities

You may have encountered 360 cities before – recently the images have been used on Google Maps. A free 360 cities lets you embed images in your personal blog – if you want to use them for commercial purposes you’ll have to upgrade to a Pro account. Here’s a 360 cities image of the Cathedral near my house.

Canterbury Cathedral, interior, door to Choir in England


Dipity is a fun tool for making timelines. You can set the up yourself and then invite people to contribute to them. As well as having a standard timeline like the one below you can create flipbooks, lists and maps. I’ve made a WordPress timeline with all of the WordPress releases. Feel free to add any WordPress events that you want to it!


PhotoPeach is a useful tool for making slideshows. You can easily embed captions in them, and add quizzes. Below is one of the popular slideshows made on PhotoPeach.


You can use Kwout for quoting websites. Just install the addon and then you can grab areas of websites and embed them in your blog. What makes Kwout so useful is that it creates an image map of the area you have taken the screengrab from. Check out the image below from our G+ account. If you roll your mouse over the image you can click on any of the links. It even works on video!


You can use Voki to add a talking avatar to your website. The one I’ve created below is pretty basic but there are all sorts of different ways you can put Voki to use. If you want tips on how to set it up you can check out this post on Edublogs.